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Hardhead is a soldier to his core. A soldier with a stubborn streak a megamile wide. He's stubborn to the point of rejecting outright any path but his own, any idea that goes against his natural instinct or inclination (namely fighting), and any advice he didn't come up with himself. He doesn't talk much, and when he does, it tends to be blunt and terse, if not outright rude. A soldier doesn't waste time on social niceties when there's a war to fight.

Perhaps surprisingly, given his limited social aptitude, Hardhead has found a good companion in Duros, his binary-bonded Nebulan partner, who enjoys warfare just as much as Hardhead does. The two mesh so well, it's been said that theirs may be the best match among all the Autobot-Nebulan teams.

"So what? They call me Hardhead. And that's really all you need to know."
―Hardhead is unimpressed with Sixshot's bragging,[[Devastation issue 4| [src]]]

Japanese name: Ros (see below)
Italian name: Blindobot
French name (Canada): Tête-Dure


I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Stephen Keener (English)

Hardhead was grumpy. He was also the only 'bot to have the common sense to cover Blurr's mouth when he started babbling. The Rebirth, Part 1

Japanese G1 continuity

The Headmasters

Voice actor: Masato Hirano (Japanese)
Note: "Hardhead" is the name of the combined small Master robot and the larger transtector vehicle/robot body. When separated from his transtector, Hardhead is called Ros.

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Hardhead was one of the Autobots serving under Fortress Maximus on Cybertron, who chose to follow his commander to Nebulos. There, he was among the Autobots who surrendered their heads to the Nebulans in order to demonstrate their peaceful intentions. Ring of Hate When Scorponok's Decepticons arrived on Nebulos, Hardhead was binary bonded with Duros in order to help repel the attack without breaking the agreement. Broken Glass Hardhead, along with Brainstorm and the Technobots, helped out with another Decepticon attack, only to arouse the suspicions of the Nebulans, who insisted on accompanying them on their next mission. As a result of dividing their attention between keeping the Nebulans safe and fighting the new Decepticon Headmasters, Hardhead and the other Autobot Headmasters were overcome and taken prisoner. Love and Steel

Hardhead remained a prisoner for some time until he was freed by Lord Zarak in return for the Transformers leaving Nebulos. Brothers in Armour Before they could do so, the Autobot Targetmasters were captured by Scorponok and Hardhead was part of a team led by Highbrow that went to rescue them. They walked into a trap but, thanks to Hardhead managing to free the prisoners, they manage to turn the tide anyway. Worlds Apart

After Fortress Maximus' crew had travelled to Earth, Hardhead was involved in the first battle with the Decepticons on the new planet. Trial by Fire When all the Earth-based Autobots were united under Optimus Prime's command, Hardhead was part of the team he put together to fight Galvatron, but ended up being shunted into limbo by the arrival of Rodimus Prime's Autobots before he could see any action. Time Wars

During the battle with Unicron, Hardhead and Bomb-Burst pushed a large artillery piece into its position, only to get stepped on by Unicron's giant foot. On the Edge of Extinction!

IDW comics continuity

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Hardhead is a career soldier, intended as a problem solver who gets things done hard and fast. To him, this means he has no future: some day the war will end, and he'll be a walking reminder of it to be quietly done away with. Spotlight: Hardhead

Escalation6 Hardhead AVENGE

Hardhead makes his own decisions!

Prior to the Brasnya incident, Hardhead was ordered by Optimus Prime to Earth on the Ark-32, along with Hot Rod. Escalation issue 3 The two arrived right in the middle of the battle, although Hot Rod sped away after the facsimile before Hardhead could stop him to report their presence. He engaged in battle with Astrotrain, Escalation issue 4, causing severe damage to the shuttle Triple Changer and continued to hound him to such an extent that Skywarp had to call in reinforcements. Escalation issue 5 When Megatron seemingly defeated Optimus Prime, Hardhead attempted (futilely) to damage him with repeated cannon blasts. Escalation issue 6

Devastation4 Hardhead

Hardhead answers his own questions!

Hardhead would eventually regroup with his teammates after the battle and was among them during Sixshot's surprise assault on the Ark-19. He bravely (if futdlely) attacked Sixshot, along with the rest of the Autobots before being beamed back to the Ark-32. Devastation issue 4 Due to injuries and separate missions, Hardhead found himself to be the only active Autobot besides Prowl — and neither were happy to hear that Optimus was withdrawing them from Earth to Garrus-9. Devastation issue 5 Hardhead went to retrieve Hot Rod and the others, blowing up a Headmaster that was attacking Hot Rod. Hot Rod refused to go though, wanting to see the Headmaster mystery to the end. Hardhead reluctantly let him go and took Wheeljack and Ironhide back with him. Devastation issue 6

Soon, Nightbeat discovered that he logged a message during his visit to Gorlam Prime — of which he had no recollection — and asked Hardhead for help. Spotlight: Cyclonus

SpotlightHardhead HardheadsHeadshot

Hardhead expresses his own feelings!

Before leaving for Gorlam Prime, Nightbeat told Hardhead of his fears that he may be compromised, and that if he threatened Hardhead or anyone else, he should terminate Nightbeat. Arriving on Gorlam Prime, Nightbeat and Hardhead discovered virtually the entire planet's population had frozen in a chrysalis-like state and were in the midst of undergoing some kind of evolutionary cycle. Before they could explore further, however, they were beset upon by dozens of Micromasters, all of whom immediately targeted Hardhead.

Escaping from their attackers, the two Autobots fled deep underground. Once they neared the portal to the Dead Universe, Jhiaxus took remote-control of Nightbeat and tried to kill Hardhead with a point-blank shot between the optics. Fortunately, Hardhead lived up to his name and took the shot with minimal damage. As Nightbeat was joined by more Micromasters, Hardhead took the opportunity to retreat deeper into Gorlam Prime's underground caverns.


Hardhead shoots his own comrades!

There, he discovered the portal to the Dead Universe. As the mind-controlled Nightbeat caught up with him, Hardhead realized he had nowhere else to fall back to. When told to surrender, Hardhead responded by shooting Nightbeat through the head with a pinpoint shot and then plunged through the portal, ready to face whatever dangers lay on the other side. Spotlight: Hardhead When Jhiaxus tried to escape through the Portal on Gorlam Prime, he was being chased by Arcee (G1). Then a grey-coloured Hardhead rose out of the Portal, blocking Jhiaxus's path. After Arcee had beheaded her creator, he told her Jhiaxus won't die, because, like himself, he is now a part of what's on the other side of the portal. Spotlight: Sideswipe


Generation One

  • Hardhead (Headmaster, 1987)
G1Hardhead toy

I don't get it either. Not like I have a "hard head" to draw.

  • Japanese ID number: C-102
  • Accessories: "Duros" Headmaster "Tank Commander", 2 "Shatterblasters"
Hardhead transforms into a Cybertronian tank. Like many Transformers of this era, he can store his rifles in 5mm peg holes in his vehicle mode, and his Headmaster, Duros, can ride inside his cockpit. Duros transforms into his head, which, when attached to Hardhead's robot mode, activates a simplified, spring-loaded Tech Spec meter hidden under a panel on his chest. This gimmick works with any other Headmaster "pilot" figure.
In humanoid mode, Hardhead is unusually tall for a toy of his price point, as the tank basically flips on end and extends to transform. As to be expected, Hardhead has rather limited articulation.

Universe (2008)

  • Hardhead (Ultra 2008)
Universe Hardhead is a redeco of Universe Onslaught.


  • In most of his appearances in fiction, Hardhead lacks the mouthplate seen on his toy.
  • In The Headmasters anime, Hardhead can't hold his energon wine very well. One drink and he wants to karaoke. He's also incredibly violent, crude and dim witted, constantly charging at Decepticons with no strategy and at one point throttling a fellow Autobot to make a point. Perhaps the only reason he isn't dead is because he often fights Skullcruncher, probably the only Decepticon he actually stands a chance at outwitting.

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