Hank lives in Crown City. She likes to play football and basketball. Her real name is Henrietta, but she seems to not like it when people call her by that name.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 1

In More than Meets the Eye, Hank was playing with Butch and other kids at the football field. Russell, came to play with the kids and Hank recognized the helmet Russell was wearing, stating it belonged to Bronko Kowalski. When Butch revealed her real name to Russell, Hank pushed the football in Butch's side and told Russell that Butch's real name was Cynthia. After Russell joined their team and lost, Russell was so disappointed that he left them. Hank followed Russell back the scrapyard where she met up with him and Russell's dad. She recognized the car behind them and gave Russell back the helmet he dropped then she invited him to take part in playing football the next day. Following practice, she stopped by the scrapyard again to give Russell a pep talk and she also admired the dinosaur statue that was he was standing beside. During the actual game, Hank distracted two of the opponents by impersonating a chicken, which allowed Russell to score for the team. Hank gave Russell a high five and asked him if he knew how to play basketball.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, while playing a subsequent game, Hank encouraged Russell to stand up to Butch after he criticized Russell for failing to catch a pass. She also backed him up when he did so, but when Russell offered to repay her, she responded that he could best do so to "pay it forward". Unknowingly to her, her advice contributed to Drift and his Mini-Con partners Jetstorm and Slipstream joining the Autobots.

Unfortunately, in Battlegrounds, Part 1, she provided an unwitting service to Drift's Decepticon counterpart Fracture and his Mini-Cons Divebomb and Airazor. After witnessing an exchange between her and Russell when Hank gave Russell a baseball card, Fracture had Airazor impersonate her using a holo-field in order to gain entrance to the scrapyard.

Season 2

In Impounded, Hank was at the carnival when Grimlock dropped in accidentally.

Season 3: Combiner Force

In King of the Hill Part 1, Hank has established plans to win the championship game. As they’re about to score towards half-time, Hank tells Russell to win this one, only for Russell’s attempts to get blocked by a tall kid. Hank tell Russell not to make a big deal out of it.

In King of the Hill, Part 2, While Russell was benched, her team managed to score without him. As the finals draw by, Hank notes that her team is down by one, only for Russell to come back to the field and score again. she and her team celebrate Russell’s winning kick.



Russell Clay

Russell and Hank

Russell and Hank

Hank met Russell in More than Meets the Eye. Russell came to play football with Hank and the other kids at the football field where they were playing. Hank immediately recognized the helmet Russell was wearing and stated it belonged to Bronko Kowalski. Butch revealed Hank's real name to Russell, to which Hank shoved a football in Butch's side. When Russell lost his team's first practice game, Hank followed him back to scrapyard. She called Russell "Rusty" when she was looking for him. She gave Russell back his helmet and invited him to play football again the following day. Later, she stopped by the scrapyard again to give a pep talk to Russell. When it was the real game, Hank distracted two opponents while Russell kicks the football and scores for the team. Hank and Russell high fived each other and Hank asked Russell if he is any good at basketball.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Hank nudged Russell to stand up for himself at Butch, which she stood by him to ensure Butch got the message. Russell thanked her but she suggest to "pay it forward".

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Hank gave Russell a Bronco Kowalski card but had to give it to Russell while the scrapyard was being "sprayed for bugs". She found it odd by Russell weirdness.

Hank seems to enjoy hanging out with Russell. She is a very good friend as she tried to cheer Russell up when he was feeling down and stands up for him when he's teased or antagonized. Russell may have hidden feelings for Hank and she for him, but it currently remains unknown. She may also have feelings for him.


Butch and Hank were playing football with the other kids in More than Meets the Eye. When Russell came to play, Butch introduced him to Hank. He mentions to Russell that Hank's real name is Henrietta, to which Hank ribbed Butch in the side with the football and stated Butch's real name is Cynthia. When their team lost the first match, Russell, Butch and Hank won the rematch with the combined efforts of Hank's distraction and Russell's amazing kick.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Hank appears to take on some of Miko's personality as she seems to have a "tomboyish" trait around Russell and Butch.


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