Hang in There, Stampy is the fourth episode of Beast Wars Neo. It first aired in Japan on February 24, 1999 on TV Tokyo.



Searching for the next capsule on a planet of clouds, the Predacons manage to trap all the Maximals save for the cowardly Stampy. Now Stampy has to find a way to defeat the Predacons, save his teammates and find the Angolmois capsule all by himself.


On board the Gung Ho, the Maximal recruits are having target practice...with each other. Stampy refuses to play along; afraid he might get hurt. Break and Cohrada begin to bully him, calling him a coward. Meanwhile, on board the Dinosaur, the Predacons approach the planet Medalen where the next Angolmois capsule awaits. The planet is covered with a thick layer of clouds, making pin-pointing the capsule impossible. The Predacons decide to use that to their advantage and lay a trap for the Maximals.

Back on the Gung Ho, the Maximals also discover that the clouds block all radar and communications. Big Convoy sends the recruits down to search for the capsule the hard way. On the surface they split into teams. Longrack and Break stumble across the capsule first, but Stampy informs them that there are no energy readings coming from it. They ignore Stampy's warning and try to pick it up. As predicted, the capsule is a fake and Longrack and Break become immobilized by electricity. Stampy runs to go get help, leaving his friends to believe he'd abandoned them. Searching for Cohrada and Heinrad, Stampy discovers they have fallen under the exact same trap and attempts to contact Big Convoy for help. The clouds block even his “Mighty Ear” transmission, leaving Stampy completely on his own.

Panicking, Stampy encounters Guiledart and Sling. The two Predacons fire at him but choose to let him go; deeming him nonthreatening. The Predacons begin to torture the captive Maximals, leaving their rescue up to Stampy. With his speed, Stampy dodges the electric blasts and destroys the generators immobilizing the Maximals. The Maximals begin to fight back, but suddenly the Dinosaur lowers from the clouds and recaptures all four of them. Magmatron teleports to the surface and prepares to deliver the finishing blow. Stampy sends a signal flare to Big Convoy but knows he could never make it in time. With no choice left, Stampy confronts Magmatron and attacks. He has little to no effect on the Emperor of Destruction and is quickly beaten to a pulp.

Guiledart readies his "Horn Thunder" attack to kill Stampy when Big Convoy arrives and sends the Predacons packing. The Maximals apologize to the wounded Stampy for their insults. Stampy goes into stasis lock but reveals that the real Angolmois Capsule is right above his head, embedded in rock. Back on board the Gung Ho, Stampy recovers in a CR Chamber while Big Convoy tells the recruits not to make fun of Stampy's careful nature, as it takes all kinds to make a team.


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