Iacon on Cybertron

The Hall of Records is a library facility located in Iacon, the war capital city of the Autobots, on Cybertron which contains information on Transformers, including the date they were created, and also contains not quite the entire history of the Autobots.


Transformers: Exodus

The Hall of Records, located in the city of Iacon is not open to the public. The information contained within is vast, (stretching from the mythology of a billion years past to the important DataNet transmissions of today), and it all is methodically cataloged, and filled away by monitors such as Orion Pax. The robot in charge of the Hall of Records is the Archivist of Iacon, Alpha Trion who, some suspect, may be more than meets the eye. During the Great War, the Hall of Records was maintained by a skeleton crew, and a reading room became the informal headquarters of the Autobots.

It is referred to as the House of Records by High Councilor Drivetrain.

Transformers: Prime

Late in the Great War, the Decepticons stormed the Hall of Records during Iacon's fall and retrieved important files but couldn't decrypt them. But with the amnesiac Optimus Prime – in the mindset of Hall archivist Orion Pax – finally gave Megatron the opportunity to decode the files which they never did.

Project Iacon commenced as Orion Pax began working on decoding the locations of the Cybertronian relics which were hidden on Earth.


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