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The Hall of Heroes is a location on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family.
Hall of heroes

Matte painters can't count.

The Decepticon Hall of Heroes[1] is filled with statues of fallen Decepticon leaders. [2]

(Psst! Decepticon Heroes = Villains.)


The Transformers: The Movie[]

Starscream was (briefly) inaugurated leader of the Decepticons in the Hall of Heroes. Shortly thereafter, Galvatron (who had just blasted Starscream) was unanimously declared leader by the remaining Decepticons. TFTM

Marvel Comics UK[]

In the unimaginably distant future of 2008, a chamber in Decepticon Headquarters on Cybertron included the statues from the Hall of Heroes (or possibly replicas,) and Soundwave used this room to brief his troops before an all-out assault. Space Pirates!, Part 3


The Decepticon Hall of Heroes is dominated by giant golden statues. Ten in total, they act as memorial markers for the tombs of prior Decepticon leaders. The names of the seven figures seen clearly in the finished movie are known.[3]

Positions given are from the outside of the Hall of Heroes looking towards the throne.

Outer statues[]

Two statues stand on platforms just outside the Hall.

(The outer statues are named for (and by) movie designer Floro Dery.)

Floron guardian

Floron is the outer statue on the right side of the Hall. His left hand ends in an axe, his right hand ends in a blaster.

Floron also guards the entryway to the Decepticon Crypt, but he is on the left there.

Dery guardian

Dery is the outer statue on the left side of the hall. He carries a blaster and wears a jetpack.

In Floro Dery's design drawing, Dery-the-statue has a giant tail, similar to a lobster. This is less visible in the final film.

Left side[]

I had a dentist name Goulan.

Ghoulon is the outermost figure on the left; he is a hulking figure with seemingly mottled, decaying outer skin.

Mortron marker

Murdron is the second-outermost figure on the left. He has a lean, whiplike figure and carries a gun in his right hand.

Note: There was debate as to Murdron's correct name, as his label in the production art is very squinty. However, when contacted about it, Floro Dery confirmed the name as "Murdron".

Blodron marker

Bloodron is the second-innermost figure on the left. He has sharp fangs. Though he wears a cape and a dickie, Bloodron does not have a silly hat.

Devron marker

Devron is the innermost figure on the left. He has prominent horns and wings, and seems to wear a loincloth. It is interesting to note that this massive statue was suddenly missing from the Hall during Unicron's chastisement of Galvatron on account of the Decepticon's declaration of dominion over Cybertron and its moons.

Right side[]

Only the first figure on this side is clearly seen.

Gladiaron marker

Gladiaron is the outermost figure on the right side. He has a bulky body and a large protective helmet.


  • The wide shot of the Hall of heroes accidentally adds an extra set of statues to the inner hall.

Mixmaster leads the Constructicons? Who knew?

  • Later, what appear to be the actual markers for Ghoulon, Bloodron, and Murdron show up in this audience chamber. Space Pirates! Part 3
  • In an early script draft for the Movie, the Hall of Heroes enshrined the "Life Sparks" of the ancient Decepticon leaders. During a brawl for leadership, the other Decepticons accidentally destroy some of the statues, releasing the Life Sparks. The Sparks--and Megatron's own Life Spark, are found by Ingestor (the early script's version of Unicron) and used to create Galvatron's minions.
    • Devron has a passing resemblance to Scourge.


  1. Named in both the Marvel Comics adaptation and the Ladybird novelization of The Transformers: The Movie.
  2. From a draft of the Movie script: "This is the closest thing the Decepticons have to a throne room. It is a massive, circular room with tombs of old leaders, and a raised area where Starscream stands."
  3. From the original concept art by designer Floro Dery.

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