Hakata Prime (ハカタプライム Hakata Puraimu) is the Autobot Town Commander assigned to the wards of Hakata-ku, Fukuoka.


  • Hakata Prime is part of the "Cybertron Satellite" promotion wherein select towns and neighborhoods in Japan had their own "mascots".
  • Like all Cybertron Satellite Town Commanders, Hakata Prime is modelled after a pre-existing Legends Class or Cyberverse Legion figure; specifically, he's based on Prime Cliffjumper. Hakata was the home of famous historical figure Kuroda Nagamasa, whose samurai helmet famously bore a pair of huge horns; this seems to the reason behind the horn-headed Cliffjumper being used. His shoulder armor is based on a samurai kataginu vest in reference to Hakata dolls, which are often samurai-themed, while the shape and color of his limbs appear to invoke the local dish mentaiko.
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