This article is about the Decepticon Hailstorm. For the Mini-Con, see Hailstorm (Armada).

Hailstorm is a Decepticon from the live-action film continuity

Hailstorm is a strong bot, a clutz, but strong. On Cybertron before the war, he and Irohide were friends and belonged to the same weapons club. But when war came, the two fell out, and their conflict has continued since. When their done with a battle, it looks like two huge armies have fought. The amount of firepower used by Hailstorm is immense, along with Ironhide.


Unit for the Universe

Megatron calls in Hailstorm, Terradive, Insecticon and Thundercracker to attack the treacherous Starscream.


Hunt for the Decepticons

Hailstorm,(Deluxe, 2010)

Hailstorm transforms into a tracked rocket launcher, possibly based on a tracked version of the WM-80 8x273mm Self Propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher. In robot mode he is quite squat, the missile rack splits and is mounted on his shoulders.


  • Hailstorm's robot mode is based on the big flame thrower drones from the Revenge of the Fallen game.
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