Hail and Farewell is a Transformers: Mosaic strip, written by Simon Furman and drawn by Steve Buccellato. It takes place two years on from the main IDW series and stars Hunter O'Nion. It contains spoilers.

As well as foreshadowing upcoming events, the strip reveals Hunter's family backstory: namely, his parents are dead, his sister has left, and he stayed at home with his alcoholic mother until her death, remaining sane only by his sci-fi/fantasy dreams of something happy. (And Verity Carlo thinks she has an angsty background...)

Note: Though promoted as in-continuity, and the fact that many of the events foretold have occurred in some form, IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall has stated that neither this, nor any Mosaic, is part of official IDW continuity.

Continuity foreshadowing

  • Hunter and Sunstreaker remain a Headmaster pair after Devastation and achieve a mental overlapping.
  • Hunter travels to other worlds and another dimension.


  • Hunter turns into the same type of head as the Machination's Headmasters; in Devastation he turns into a replica of Sunstreaker's original head. (The relevant issue hadn't come out at the time Buccellato was drawing this)

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