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Hacker X-3 is an Autobot Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.

Sued by the RIAA.

Hacker X-3 doesn't believe in privacy, apparently. He just loves sharing information with the world. This probably does not make him very popular. Especially with the Decepticons, his usual targets.

"Seek. Crack. Share."
―Hacker X-3's packaging tagline


Heroic illegal corporate espionage robot!


  • Hacker X-3 (Real Gear Robots, 2008)
A redeco of Power Up VT6, Hacker X-3 transforms into a (non-functional) hand-held video game system. Although there is no real-life equivalent model, he does bear a strong resemblance to the Gameboy Advance or the Wonderswan. Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his robot mode is apparently at 1:1 scale. He features a battle scene between Optimus Prime and a blue Swindle drone on his screen.

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