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Griffin Rock has the misfortune to have H.B. Luskey as its mayor. Vain and egocentric, he is all too happy to claim the credit when something goes right, and even quicker to turn on the bluster and demand who's at fault when something goes terribly wrong. He's fortunate that the townsfolk have short memories, as his seven (so far) terms in office have been beset by disaster after disaster, often of his own making, but perhaps the main reason he keeps being re-elected is because no one wants to run against him in case they accidentally get elected themselves. Fortunately he's been mayor so long that he and his minions have worked out ways around some of his many deficiencies.

Luskey has done well for himself — he has a beautiful wife and owns a yacht, a large house, and a toupee which only leaves his head whenever the potential for comedy is at its greatest.

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