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Lord Gyconi is the owner of an arena on the asteroid Monicus known as "The Pit of Destruction" where there are wrestling matches held at. He is a very dishonest alien because when he does loan people some energon chips he charges a very high interest rate. An example of that is like when Bosch and Smokescreen show up during the events of the episode "The Gambler" and Gyconi tells them that besides the amount of chips that he gives them he wants 500% more back. The reason he charges so much for energon is he works for the Decepticons by getting them supplies of energon stored up for them to pick up from him. Gyconi is also known for rigging his wrestling matches by getting people to bet on the challengers and then making them lose their bets. He was doing this when he set up the wrestling match between Optimus Prime and one of his aliens because of the unstable energon he used to make Optimus weak by the end of the first round. When the Autobot bounty hunter Devcon showed up and helped Smokescreen and Bosch get their friends back that forced Gyconi to leave Monicus and caused his business to close.

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