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A battle-hardened survivor of the software wars of Polyhex, Guzzle is a warrior through and through. A tough, no nonsense soldier, he has little time or tolerance for those who can't or won't fight.

The only thing that equals his hunger for combat is his hunger for fuel, as Guzzle unfortunately lives up to his name. He has considerable fuel consumption due to both the way he throws himself into battle and his incredibly fuel inefficient systems.


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events in italics occurred only in the Marvel UK books.)

Guzzle journeyed to Earth with his fellow Sparkler Mini-Bots to observe and record the actions and whereabouts of Galvatron. Their observation mission was interrupted in Florida by the Firecons, who had an offer to make the future Decepticon and didn't want any interference. Guzzle spent a few minutes running around like a robo-chicken with his head cut off before remembering, oh yeah, he can turn into a tank! The tide of battle quickly turned, but ultimately ended when Galvatron dismissed both groups with little more than a wave of his hand. Enemy Action

After quickly checking tactics with the other Sparklers (Hey! Can YOU guys change into tanks too?! No?), Guzzle and company decided to seek out more firepower, and freed Ultra Magnus from his volcanic cocoon. Salvage! They returned to Cybertron to gather the Wreckers as reinforcements, only to find the city of Kalis absolutely deserted along with the Autobot base there... deserted because of the living dead! They fought the zombies City of Fear! and eventually stopped them while linking up with the Wreckers. Meltdown!

They intended to join the Wreckers in going to Earth to finally stop Galvatron but ended up distracted by an illegal gladiatorial combat racket being run on Cybertron. As a result, they missed the dimensional alignment that the Wreckers used to jump to Earth. Deadly Games!

What happened to Ultra Magnus is unknown, but Guzzle was last seen rusting away in a Decepticon detention facility with his fellow Sparkabots and the Triggerbots. Ca$h and Car-nage

In an alternate year 2009, Guzzle was one of only seven Autobots left alive on Earth. He was killed by Cyclonus, but it looks like he actually might've been the one to kill Scourge first, so that's pretty darn impressive on its own. At the very least, he held his own longer than Getaway. Rhythms of Darkness

IDW Continuity

Guzzle was one of the last batch of Wrecker recruits before their last stand. A diminutive Autobot, Guzzle barely reached the waist of most of his compatriots, but with the confidence and bravery to dwarf any of his fellow recruits. Guzzle rarely had much to say, often letting his actions speak for him. Of all the Wreckers it was Kup that Guzzle chose to follow, though since an insane Kup was the one who killed several of Guzzle's compatriots, this might not have been healthy hero worship. Guzzle fought through the Garrus 9 prison levels against some of the nastiest of the Predators.

However, Guzzle didn't stand up to well against Overlord, and he so he split. Quite literally. Amazingly, Guzzle survived quite well and with only a basic reattachment was fit enough to depart the prison in the company of Impactor for parts unknown. The Last Stand of the Wreckers issue 5


Generation One

  • Guzzle (Sparkabot, 1988)
  • Japanese I.D. number: C-313
Guzzle transforms into a ROF Challenger 1 tank. As a Sparkabot, in this mode he has a friction-motor gimmick that not only propels his vehicle mode forward, but causes "cold" sparks to shoot from his back end.
It is worth noting that even though his arm-treads have spaces for small wheels to assist in rolling, he doesn't actually have the wheels, which can lead to the plastic being scraped off his arms, and even his chest.
This mold was also used to make Hardspark.

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