Gutcruncher is a very ambitious mechanoid. He's bartered a deal to sell Autobot remains as scrap metal on various interstellar markets (including to the Junkions!), and there are rumors that some of those parts were from fellow Decepticons who stood in Gutcruncher's way up the ranks. He's incredibly cold and calculating, and even without his Stratotronic Jet vehicle, he's got the muscle and firepower to back up his plans. Autobots fear him because he's a ruthless force of nature on the battlefield. Decepticons fear him because he may have already calculated their net worth to some shady black-market metal-monger, and is merely awaiting the right opportunity to cash in.

French name (Canada): Fricoteur


Television commercials

Voice Actor: Unknown

Get off my lawn!

Flying in his Stratotronic Jet on what may be Cybertron, Gutcruncher yells "destroy them!" to no one in particular and proceeds to fly straight up.

When Wheeljack and Sprocket drive out of a tunnel in their own Action Master vehicles, Gutcruncher strafes them but does not seem to score any hits.

IDW comics continuity

Gutcruncher IDW

No gut goes uncrunched on MY watch.

Gutcruncher was monitoring the central security hub at the Decepticon Penal Colony Styx when Hot Rod introduced a virus to the system to cover his break-in. Eventually, the virus popped all the cell doors, forcing Gutcruncher to call a "Code-Nine" alert, which instructed all officers (likely including himself) to immediately evacuate to an orbital platform to await a clean-up squad. Spotlight: Hot Rod

Later, Gutcruncher served aboard Banzai-Tron's flagship in the attack on Garrus-9. Spotlight: Arcee He soon began to regret liberating Monstructor the rampaging hell-beast... Spotlight: Hardhead

Fun Publications Timelines

A rabble-rouser and local big spender, Gutcruncher took Hubcap for a sizeable amount of money at The Blue Deployer’s gambling tables. He was impressed by Hubcap and decided to invite him and Jackpot to a gathering of the city's various criminal gangs.

The rally was Gutcruncher's attempt at uniting the various gangs and offworlder criminals of Axiom Nexus against the TransTech. His assassination prevented the uprising and led to Jackpot and Hubcap's flight from both the law and the gangs. Gone Too Far

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Black Shadow killed him. And was punished.


Generation One

G1Gutcruncher toy

I considered selling off my own kibble, but decided the rate of return was too low.

  • Gutcruncher w/ Stratotronic Jet (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Stratotronic Jet, twin laser gun, 2 cannons, left & right rear stabilizer fins, 4 missiles
As an Action Master, Gutcruncher is a non-transforming action figure, though his design shows vehicle-mode parts: what he turned into is not exactly clear, but it's certainly some kind of tank. He is compatible with any Action Master weapon or vehicle, and was available only with the large Stratotronic Jet vehicle.


  • Gutcruncher is one of very few Transformers to hold a rank of 10 without being a faction leader. (Possibly due to his status as an outside contractor.)

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