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If there was ever an Autobot suffering from untreated post-traumatic stress syndrome, Gunrunner is it. Acting as a squadron leader during a major firefight with the Decepticons, Gunrunner mistakenly assured his comrades and subordinates that he'd get them all out alive. Instead, none survived except him, and he only made it out due to his Pretender armor. Because of this, Gunrunner is a seriously changed bot -- he experiences tremendous stress and insecurity if forced into combat outside of the safety of his shell, and refuses any long-term command position for fear of losing another group of close friends on the battlefield. Instead, he keeps squadrons assigned under him at arm's length, refusing to tell them "Everything'll be alright", because he can no longer be sure it will be.

Gunrunner has the unenviable alternate mode of a landing gear for his backpack, which itself turns into a fighter jet. Sucks to be him.

French name (Canada): Traficant


IDW comics continuity


Gunrunner was working out of the Autobot Orbital Command Hub when Optimus Prime received the call that Thunderwing was being reactivated on Cybertron. Gunrunner was teamed with the Targetmasters and Triggerbots as crew of the Ark-27. Based on rank, either Gunrunner or Pointblank was likely the leader of this unit. Stormbringer #1

Gunrunner was also part of the crew sent in to contain the defeated Monstructor and repair the wounded Omega Supreme after their battle on an asteroid in the Muta-Gaath Nebula. Spotlight: Optimus Prime After getting back to the Orbital Command Hub, he was present when Captain Ku'arn of the Yar Star Trawler reported his rescue of the long-lost Blaster. Spotlight: Blaster


Generation One

  • Gunrunner (Pretender Vehicle, 1988)
    • Accessories: Rifle, 2 x Energy Plasma Missiles, Dual Electro-Static Cannons

A jet that rides a car. Makes perfect sense.

Gunrunner's inner robot transforms into a hypersonic jet (with help from his backpack, as noted). There's not much more to say about that part of the toy.
His Pretender Vehicle shell is a Cybertronic car which he can either hide inside or operate from the driver's compartment. The rear axle drives a gearing mechanism in the back portion; locking his jet-backpack to the top of the car links it to this mechanism. So combined, rolling the car forward or backward causes the twin cannons on the pack to pom-pom back and forth. The car also has mounting points for Gunrunner's pistol and arm-"bombs".

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