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Guiledart is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Guiledart (ガイルダート Gairudāto) is Magmatron’s right-hand man. He is the perpetually loyal type who detests traitors. He is always ambitious to advance in rank, but to only do so by fair means rather than killing his superior officer, like so many have tried in the past. Guiledart is an expert tactician and designs all the Predacon's battle-plans. The other Predacons loathe his honest nature and see it as a weakness. However, Guiledart is by no means weak. He is a fearless and absurdly powerful warrior whom few would dare oppose.

Except D-Navi. Who wants to get in under his frill.

Note: Given the inherent ambiguities of the Japanese katakana that makes up Guiledart's name, there exists the outside possibility that his name is actually "Guiledirt".


Beast Wars Neo cartoon[]

Voice actor: Holly Kaneko (Japan)

Beast Wars Neo comic[]

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

During one of Magmatron's astral journeys to Cybertron's apocalyptic future, Guiledart was seen crushing Halfshell's eye socket, before being choked by the larger Predacon. The Ascending #1


Beast Wars Neo[]

  • Guiledart (Deluxe, 1999)
Japanese ID number: D-29
BWNeo Guiledart toy

I said go home to your wife and daughter!

Guiledart transforms into a yellow triceratops dinosaur, with articulation in his legs and neck. As with most of the Beast Wars Neo Destron dinosaurs, he could assume a "trap" configuration in which he looks like a dead, decomposing triceratops. Really.
In robot mode he's a stocky yet heavily armed little dude. Guiledart is armed with a rocket launcher formed out of his removable tail (which also features his spark crystal), with the ammunition projectiles stored in his giant left shoulderpad. His dinosaur forelegs (also on his left shoulderpad) have flip-out, non-firing lasers.
This mold was later retooled as a styracosaurus as Killerpunch, then redecoed as Beast Machines Dinobots Triceradon, the Wal*Mart-exclusive Dinobots Triceradon, and finally Universe Triceradon.
  • Longrack vs Guiledart (Multi-pack, 1999)
Japanese ID number: VS-29
Guiledart was also available in a two-pack with his Maximal adversary Longrack. Both toys were identical to their individual-box releases.

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