Guard City is an Autobot from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Not a good day for cheap redecos.

Guard City is a high-ranking Autobot warrior, who commands the Micromaster Six-Teams in their defense of Earth. His arch-nemesis is the Decepticon combiner Battle Gaia.

Guard City is composed of the following individual Autobots:


Operation Combination story pages

As a combiner, Guard City was a master of Scramble Power. He could rearrange the Autobots he was composed of into various formations which allowed him different special abilities.

Mach Formation: With Streetstar and Sparkride forming his legs, Guard City can reach incredible speeds.

Attack Formation: With Sparkride and Fly-up forming his arms, Guard City can use their various abilities (such as Fly-up's rotor blades) to aid him in battle.

Signal Formation: With Safety and Streetstar forming his arms, he can use the lightbars of both vehicles to make himself highly visible and demand attention during emergency situations.

Repair Formation: With Safety forming one of his arms, Guard City can call upon the medic's skills to repair wounded soldiers.


Operation Combination

  • Guard City (Multi-pack, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-04
Guard City is a redeco of the original Defensor, a combination of five emergency-response vehicles. He is largely similar to Defensor, with only a handful of plastic colors changed, plus some but not all of the decals are changed.
Since he uses the Scramble City style of combination, he can be composed of any combination of limb-robots, so long as Fire Chief is the torso. He was only available as a complete box set.


  • As part of the very last Transformers series in Japan for several years, Guard City is remarkably hard to find on the secondary market, and demands some heavy prices, despite the similarities to the original.

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