This article is about the Autobot Micromaster. For the Decepticon Micromaster, see Growl (Decepticon).

Growl is an Autobot Micromaster from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.
G1Growl Autobot cardart

C'mere and I'll show YOU where to stick your childlike and precious and suchlike!

Growl is a member of the Military Team. He is presumably childlike and precious and suchlike.


Return of Convoy

  • Military Team (Micro Transformer team, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-363
    • Accessories: Micro Trailer #3
G1 Growl toy
Growl is identical to the Decepticon Military Patrol member Growl, transforming into an armored jeep of undetermined model with a roof-mounted cannon, which can be used as an arm-mounted (non-firing) weapon in robot mode. He was only available in a complete set with his teammates Bombshock, Dropshot and Tracer, as well as Micro Trailer #3.

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