A Maximal and a Predacon learn a valuable life lesson.


Fractyl has created a new device, energon armor, using an element called furmanite. Blackarachnia urges him to finish the project (so she can use the results to conquer the Predacons). Packrat eagerly spies on their activities, coveting the new armor.

The initial test is a success, but when Blackarachnia asks Inferno for the pure energon sample, she finds that the ant is distracted. Inferno has discovered Packrat, and he drops the pure energon crystal. This sample reacts with the furmanite that Fractyl dropped, causing a massive explosion. Fractyl deduces that furmanite must be anti-energon, and that if his device comes near any larger deposits of energon, the world could be at stake.

Of course, Packrat has taken off with the orb-shaped energon armor and is heading straight toward the energon-rich badlands. Packrat feels this device will solve his problems of being unappreciated by his group.

Meanwhile, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Airazor enjoy the sounds of nature—until they come across Packrat battling Inferno, that is. Packrat has gone mad with power, blasting Inferno into pieces. Fractyl arrives, warning of the dangers of his new device. Rhinox tries to talk Packrat down, but Fractyl takes a forceful approach. Packrat knocks him down but surrenders the device.

Airazor spots Megatron and Blackarachnia approaching. A despondent Fractyl resigns himself to his fate. However, Fractyl's good-heartedness in saving the Maximals from his device has inspired Packrat, and he gives Fractyl an idea.

As Megatron catches up, he sees Fractyl shooting at the fleeing Maximals and is pleased. Packrat's plan to make Fractyl look good to his superior works, and Rhinox is pleased with Packrat's attitude turnaround.

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