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GroundBridges are a form of technology in the Prime continuity family.

Two GroundBridge vortices

The GroundBridge is a small-scale variation of the standard Space Bridge used by both the Autobots and Decepticons. It is a smaller, more economical version of the larger space bridge, which is very useful for both sides.


A GroundBridge requires far less energon to operate than a space bridge, which requires a lot and so is an perfect option for travel for the resource-stripped Autobots trapped on Earth. It was apparently designed by Ratchet, although how the Decepticons have the technology as well is never explained. However, given the fact that the Decepticon understand the SpaceBridge technology, it's not unreasonable to guess that they too figured out how to adapt it for use as a GroundBridge.

The device works by creating a vortex of energy that functions similar to a wormhole in that the two exit apertures of the vortex are linked so that an individual passing through the vortex will be able to travel great distances nearly instantaneously.

The GroundBridge is able to generate a vortex on any location on the planet but it is dangerous, but not impossible, to generate a vortex high in Earth's orbit due to the fact that it is possible to "snap" the vortex. Despite this it is possible to generate a vortex that leads to the planet's core.

Another danger of the GroundBridge is that if two vortexes were generated in proximity to each other they could interfere with each other and cause any unfortunate beings to be sent to an alternate dimension.

While Transformers experience no issues GroundBridging, humans have been known to experience minor physical trauma, as stated by Raf the first time when he says to Jack "Are your bones vibrating?"


Prime cartoon

When the Autobots had been given an old military missile silo in Nevada, Ratchet had built a small-scale version of the space bridge technology, which they don't have the available resources to build their own technology.

After the Decepticons had lost their main Space Bridge, they created their own Ground Bridge just as the Autobots did.[Episode needed]

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