Grizzly-1? Barbearian? Who cares? Grizzly-1 is an established legend in the Beast Wars. During a mission to the Arctic region of Earth, the up-and-coming Maximal went missing. After some time, Barbearian was able to break free from his icy prison.

In battle, he is able to use a self-produced toxin that causes agitation and confusion, increasing his aggressiveness ten-fold. Usage of the toxin is governed by whether Grizzly-1 uses his mutant head. Even his faithful bat partner, Nightshriek, stays out of his way in this state!


Beast Wars

  • Barbearian (Mega, 1998)
A redeco of Polar Claw exclusive to BotCon Japan 1998, Grizzerian transforms into a godless killing machine. Rearing him up on his hind legs in beast mode exposes a pair of nasty-looking fangs. His left beast-mode foreleg has a spring-loaded attack claw, while his right launches from the shoulder stub and transforms into his bat-partner, Nightshriek. His robot head has a face on both sides: a normal robot-mode one ("Grizzly-1"), and a "mutant" face (the toxin-inducing "Barbearian"). Only 1000 pieces were made.
This mold was also used to make Survive.



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  • Barbearizzly-1 was actually the "prototype" for Polar Claw. The first solicitations for the Beast Wars Megas featured the bear mold in brown and yellow (as well as a differently colored Scorponok). The back of the first Beast Wars catalog from the Optimus Primal/Megatron two-pack called him "Grizzly-1", while solicitations sent to magazines used "Barbearian".
  • As such, according to Fumihiko Akiyama, BCJ98's organizer, the name "Barbearian" was only ever supposed to appear as a pun in his English-language bio, with the toy's name being "Grizzly-1". However, the boxes came back labelled "Barbearerian" [sic], even though his bio card uses "Grizzly-1".

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