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Grimwing possesses a steely will that matches that of Predaking himself and strength that is only a step behind. He is not like other Predacons, no, for he holds a sense of honor and chivalry that separates him from the other vicious, ambitious members of his kind. He finds it disgraceful that his brothers and sisters use their abilities to dominate the weak, and he will go to any length to stop his fellows from conquering the world.


The Predacon that would become Grimwing walked Cybertron in ancient times until the Great Cataclysm that destroyed Predacons and rendered them extinct. Many years later during the Great War for Cybertron, the remains of Grimwing were cloned by Shockwave as part of a Predacon army which was sent to Earth to destroy the Autobots there. Once their mission was accomplished, they waited for Megatron's arrival, but he was delayed and the Predacons apparently succumbed to the passage of time or starvation and were fossilized.


  • He is a reference to Silverbolt from the Beast Wars cartoon.
  • Grimwing shares his beast mode with Darksteel.


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