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Grimlock is an evil Autobot from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

I, Grimlock say, you are DOOMED.

Grimlock was born in a Decepticon lab as a warrior who would run on artificial intelligence instead of an ember, but Megatron ordered his deactivation after his violent tendencies emerged and overrode his logic subroutines. He was put into storage with every intention of never using him again. However, when Optimus Prime heard of his creation, he stole and reactivated Grimlock. Given the chance to engage in the violence he yearned so much for, Grimlock eagerly became Prime's most powerful warrior, not stopping for anything except deactivation, having not a single shred of mercy or self control. "I wish I had a thousand more like him!" says Optimus Prime on multiple occasions.

Thank Primus he doesn't, and also that Grimlock is intensely stupid...

Or is he, wot?

"You imbecile! What can you do? I, Grimlock, have you now!"
―Grimlock, menacing that meddlesome do-gooder Starscream[[Shattered Expectations| [src]]]


Shattered Expectations

Grimlock proved himself to be the smartest (and most humble) of the Autobots raiding the secret Pretender lab. Insulted by Goldbug relegating him to the position of mere attack dog, he nonetheless fell for a Predacon ruse and was ambushed by the Mayhem Suppression Squad.

Shattered Glass continuity

Grimlock was with the Autobots when the Decepticons attacked the Ark's launching platform. Optimus sicced him on the Decepticons and he very quickly ended up in a tussle with the Predacons. He seems to be a bit duller, and tamer, than his alternate... especially since Optimus literally keeps him on a short leash. Shattered Glass

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Dungeons & Dinobots



I dislike you with great intensity, you dislike me with great intensity, wot.

  • Shattered Glass (BotCon box set, 2008)
    • Accessories: Bayonet blaster, Tail sword/whip
Part of BotCon 2008's exclusive box set of five figures, Grimlock is a redeco of Classics Grimlock with a new dark gray, turquoise, purple and orange color scheme, as an homage to Trypticon. He transforms into a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex. His spring-loaded bayonet missile-launcher can be hand-held in robot mode or mounted on his dino-mode's back.
Grimlock is only available as part of a set of six toys, along with Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz, Goldbug, Razorclaw and Starscream.
This mold was also used as the basis for BotCon 2007's customizing-class figure, Overkill.


  • The erudite Shattered Glass Grimlock is now the star of the Fun Publications Official Transformers Collectors' Club website's "I, Grimlock" feature, in which a single "Shattered Glass" Grimlock toy is sent across the nation (nay, world!) for fans to take photos of in various locations. He forcibly took the role from the original Grimlock on July 23rd, 2008.

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