Black Shadow is a Decepticon from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Black Shadow is a Crossformer and a vile gangster. He does most things people would expect from a nasty scoundral; he robs, extorts and kills for hire. His partner in crime is Blue Bacchus, a gunman with a similar personality and morals.


Animated continuity (Japan)


Black Shadow is an outer space gangster who was seen causing trouble along with Blue Bacchus on the planet Micro, but both were defeated and run off by Greatshot.


Generation 1

Black Shadow is a remold of Thunderwing (G1) and was available exclusively in Japan in 1989.


  • Black Shadow's function reads, in Japanese, "U-chuu Gyan-gu" which translates to "Space Gangster". The common misconception that he is a member of the "Space Mafia" is due to a mistranslation some many years in which "gangster" was interpreted as "Mafia". Big difference.

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