Sideways is a double-agent for Unicron in the Unicron Trilogy.

Sideways is the consummate con-artist. He is misleading and deceitful in everything he does, and he lives for the look of shock and betrayal on his victims' faces when they realize he's played them for fools. When the displaced population of Planet X allied themselves with Unicron to avenge themselves on Gigantion, this treacherous nature made him the perfect robot to pull off the ultimate act of treason - an attempt to sow confusion between Autobot and Decepticon to prevent them from uniting to oppose his dark master.

Japanese name: Doubleface (Armada), Noisemaze (Cybertron)


Animated continuity


Voice Actors: Paul Dobson (US); Takahiro Yamada, Takahiro Sakurai (Japan)


My Autobot counterpart is nearby. Real nearby.

Sideways first appeared as a beam of light striking the earth city near the Autobot base. An enigmatic warrior, he sided with the Autobots, even giving the human kids Billy and Fred rides in cycle mode to keep them entertained. But when he brought Hot Shot with him to the Decepticon base on the moon, he betrayed the young Autobot, kicking the Star Saber sword to Starscream, and switched Mini-Con heads, revealing his allegiance to the Decepticons. Hot Shot was beaten savagely and dropped back at the Autobot base. Once Sideways' loyalty to the Decepticons seemed to be confirmed, he began manipulating them and playing them against each other to suit his mysterious goals.

The Decepticons began to distrust Sideways, suspecting he was not what he seemed, and Sideways was confronted by Megatron and destroyed... or so they thought. Sideways had entered trans-phase mode, rising in the form of a twisted creature before the Decepticons' eyes, flying away into parts unknown. After his "demise," he would return frequently on computer screens through trans-phase mode to continue his mysterious goals. He convinced the Decepticon Thrust to secretly betray Megatron, and gather the three legendary Mini-Con weapons - the Star Saber, Skyboom shield and Requiem Blaster in order to revive the planet-eater Unicron.

Sideways dead


As Unicron revealed himself to the people of Cybertron Sideways himself was revealed to be a puppet of Unicron, and ultimately was destroyed by the Requiem Blaster, wielded by Optimus Prime in a battle in Unicron's core.


Voice Actors: Ted Cole (US), Susumu Chiba (Japan)

Sideways made his return two decades later, as a faction-swapping agent that chose to manipulate those who'd recognize him in secret. He latched onto Starscream, who had no memory of the Unicron Battles, and manipulated him into obtaining the Omega Lock.


Just over here, bein' an Autobot... do do do do... bein' an Autobot, don't mind me...

Sideways' long-term plan was to now avenge the destruction of his race from eons ago using the power of Primus. He and his partner Soundwave shared the common goal of destroying the Giant Planet.

(Note: The Ask Vector Prime forum on notes that Sideways was preserved by Unicron's dark power after Armada.)

Dreamwave comics continuity

Sideways was first seen working on a secret desert rocket site, guarded by Skywarp and Wheeljack as part of Megatron's plan to extract a crashed Mini-Con escape pod from the arctic ice via orbiting laser. After the rocket was launched, he returned to Cybertron, and was present for the battle against Unicron... though what exact role he played in it is unknown.

(Note: The Dreamwave "More Than Meets The Eye" profile book for Armada did list Sideways as a mysterious ninja, and a herald to Unicron. It is suspected that he was simply functioning as a sleeper agent in the mainstream DW Armada comic.)

Robot Masters

A Motorcycle Transformer going by the name "Doubleface"(Armada Sideway's Japanese name) appeared in the Robot Masters saga. This Transformer had a special communications system called "Shadow and Bright" which were the Japanese names of Sideway's Mini-Cons.


Robots in Disguise


Hello, my treacherous friend.

  • Sideways vs. Axer (Mega multi-pack, 2002)
The first Sideways toy is a yellow and black redeco (and minor retooling, from changes made to the mold for a Japanese Microman version) of Road Rocket, transforming into a Yamaha GTS1000A racing motorcyle with a light-up real wheel suspension/buzzsaw weapon. He came packaged with Axer in a Wal*Mart exclusive two-pack.
Despite being a character placed in a different continuity, he has been established to be the same Sideways as the character from Armada. Both tech spec bios describe him as "conscientious, ninja-like warrior" who is "mysterious and silent." Years later, Takara publicity materials for their Robot Masters line confirmed that Robots in Disguise Sideways is the same character as their Robot Masters Doubleface toy.
This mold was intened for use in Generation 2 as Jazz, but that toy never saw release.



My hats are the grandest of all!

  • Sideways w/ Rook and Crosswise (Super-Con, 2002)
Japanese ID number: MX-01
The second toy of Sideways was released in 2002 in Armada, transforming into a Cybertronic motorcycle, and was the first larger Armada toy to come with two Mini-Cons; Rook and Crosswise. Each Mini-Con could form a new head for Sideways, as well as reveal a faction sigil behind his clear-plastic chestplate in that mode. Their individual and combined robot modes were designed to act as riders when Sideways is in vehicle mode. His tailpipes become arm-mounted Powerlinx-activated pressure-launch missile launchers.
Two variations of the Hasbro version of the toy exist. The first variation features the opposite Mini-Con heads revealing their intended faction logo. This was due to an error in the television series' animation which depicted Crosswise as the Decepticon head and Rook as the Autobot head. Hasbro made a running change so the toy reflected the series' faction alignments. The second variation changed the salmon on Crosswise to a more Decepticon-like purple. This toy was also released in the Japanese Micron Legend toyline as "Doubleface" shortly afterwards, featuring a color scheme on the cockpit of the bike that was closer to the anime appearance.
In November of 2003, US Toys "R" Us stores had special bonus pack Max-Con (Deluxe) toys, which came with a single bonus Mini-Con attached to the card over their sticker, for less than the price as a normal Max-Con during Toys "R" Us' post-Thanksgiving-day sale. Like Blurr, Sideways could come with one of the Destruction Mini-Con Team members: Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, or Dualor.
This mold was also used for Energon Rapid Run.

Robot Masters


We've come full circle or something.

  • Doubleface (Robot Master, 2004)
Japanese ID number: RM19
Doubleface, a purple, gray, and yellow redeco (and minor retooling, from changes made to the mold for a Japanese Microman version) of Road Pig, was released in Japan in 2005, transforming into a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide touring motorcycle with electronic light-up tailpipe/"blaster" weapon. It featured a fixed Decepticon logo, and was the second and last appearance of this character in Japan as of 2006.
There is a minor variation to this toy; though both versions feature an "electronics warning" on the robot mode's butt, some versions use a clear-plastic sticker, while others have the text tampographed there.
This mold was also used for Robots in Disguise Axer. It was planned for use in Generation 2 as Soundwave, but that toy never saw release.




  • Sideways (Deluxe-Class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GX-01
The third toy of Sideways released in the US was in the Cybertron toyline. Sideways in this line is a black and orange alien spacefighter with Cyber Planet Key-activated faction-switching ability and pop-out blades built into his battle shield. The toy features a translucent face with his signature horns. He comes with a Planet X style Cyber Planet Key; the US version has the Cyber Key Code "dj51" tampographed on the back.
This toy was released in Japan as Galaxy Force Noisemaze, but in Japan it is not the same character as Sideways.
This mold was also used for the Japanese DVD-exclusive Noisemaze Mass-Production Version.

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