Colonel Franklin is a human character from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

He'd make this look good... if there were anyone to make it look bad.

Colonel Mike Franklin is an officer in an unspecified branch of the United States military. He has cool shades.


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Michael Dobson (US), Rintarō Nishi (Japan)

Years ago, young Franklin was caught in a river rafting accident at the Green River Rapids. A man (presumably his father) tried to save him, but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, however, the Transformer known as Evac came to his rescue.

This instilled a knowledge to understand the creature that had saved his life, and Franklin began a life-long pursuit of this knowledge. He immersed himself in studies of sightings of strange vehicles and beings, and later joined the United States military to have access to classified information.

Sightings of the Earth-dwelling Transformers turned his attention to a town in Colorado. He began to closely watch Coby Hansen, his brother, Bud, and their friend, Lori. In addition, he made contact with Dr. Lucy Suzuki, who had discovered artifacts that ultimately turned out to be remnants of an earth-dwelling Transformer civilization.

Eventually, during the appearance of Starscream's army of Ancient Decepticons, he took the people living in Coby and the other children's town into government custody, and tried to learn the location of the Autobot's base from the children, only for them to be saved by the Recon Mini-Con Team. Franklin also observed a battle between the Autobots and Starscream's Decepticons, and noticed that there was a significant tactical difference between the two groups.

Franklin would soon after reveal himself to the Autobots, where he revealed his story and was finally reunited with Evac. He presented himself as a friend, and would attempt to help the three Transformers who would become the Cybertron Defense Team after they sustained near fatal damage from Megatron. Franklin became an indispensable ally, and Earth's main representative to the Transformers.

Franklin also struck up a relationship with Lucy Suzuki, which resulted in her proposing marriage to him (she presumed he was proposing at the time). Years after the Autobot/Decepticon conflict appeared to end, she and Franklin were married and had a child together.


  • When he was a child, his nickname was "Mikey."
  • His first name may or may not have been "Mick" in Galaxy Force.
  • In Galaxy Force, it is Colonel Franklin who very desperately proposes marriage to Dr. Lucy Suzuki as she leaves Earth, instead of what's seen in Cybertron. She was very laissez-faire to his pleas, but the end result was the same.
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