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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [ Dossier at the Cybertron Chronicle]
[[Category: Generation 1 episodes]]
[[Category: Generation 1 episodes]]

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Prime helps Megatron to shoot his load.

Writers: Reed Robbins and Peter Salas

In the aftermath of The Ultimate Doom storyline, Starscream seizes control of the Decepticons and puts into motion a plan to destroy the Earth.

Major Characters (in order of appearance): Starscream, Dr. Arkeville, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Shockwave

Minor Characters (in order of appearance): Huffer, Gears, Frenzy, Skywarp, Rumble, Thundercracker, Soundwave, Laserbeak

Original Air Date: December 1, 1984


Starscream believing Megatron destroyed, forces Doctor Arkeville to take him to his secret labratory. Once there he discovers another of the Doctor's inventions, the Exponential Generator, a power source that if it overcharges will detonate with enough energy to destroy the Earth.

Seeking to gain power for himself Starscream links the generator to a timer and then takes Doctor Arkeville with him to Cybertron which is still nearby. He plans to collect the energy unleashed by Earth's destruction to revitalise Cybertron.

The Doctor, unwilling to let Starscream benefit from the Earth's destruction attempts to sabotage the energy collectors but the Decepticon security system stuns him with a blast of electricity. Badly injured, Starscream has the Doctor 'repaired' by the medicroids, leaving him more machine now than man.


Stephen Hawking in a rare Transformers cameo.

Meanwhile on Earth Megatron has returned to the Decepticons having survived the explosion of his starship (See The Ultimate Doom, Part 3). When he learns that Starscream and Doctor Arkeville are apparently working together he sets of in pursuit with the other Decepticons.

The Autobots detect the Decepticon activity and set off after them. After a short battle the Autobots are trapped in quicksand. Ironhide freezes the quicksand with his liquid nitrogen allowing them to escape. Laserbeak who was standing guard over them is captured and the Autobots learn that the Decepticons are heading for the Doctor's secret labratory and they set off to follow them.

The Autobots arrive at the labratory and battle each other again. Unaware of the danger it represents Megatron covets the exponential generator and fights Optimus Prime for its possession. During the fight Megatron receives a communication from Shockwave on Cybertron.

Shockwave, unwilling to serve Starscream, warns Megatron about the timer and Starscrem's plan. Megatron rips the timer from the wall just in time. On Cybertron Starscream is baffled that the Earth has not exploded and sets off back to check the timer.

The exponential generator has become volatile and begins to go critical ready to explode. Megatron transforms and Prime loads the generator into his gun barrel and then fires it into space. It explodes and the blast sends Starscream crashing to Earth where Megatron is waiting for him.

The Autobots let the Decepticons go, amused at the thought of what Megatron is going to do to Starscream.


Technical/Animation Glitches

Continuity Errors

  • How is it that everyone seems to know where Doctor Arkeville's secret labratory is?
  • The explosion from the exponential generator is supposed to be powerful enough to destroy the Earth and yet the actual explosion is so small all it does is knock Starscream out of the air. (See also War of the Dinobots for another example of an 'Earth destroying' explosion).

Transformers References

Real-World References

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