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Me, Grimlock have lots of toys!


Generation One

  • Grimlock (Dinobot, 1985/1986/1991/1992)
    • Japanese ID number: C-26
    • Accessories: 'Energo' sword, twin 'stunner' laser rifle, galaxial rocket launcher, 3 rockets,

And the debate goes on:
"Me Grimlock am greatest warrior!"
"No! Me Grimlock am greatest warrior!"

Grimlock's toy was originally part of Takara's Diaclone Dinosaur Robo series. When Hasbro imported the toy in 1985 for the Transformers line, its blue pelvis was changed to red and the Diaclone driver mini-figure was dropped.
The original Grimlock changes from a robot into a robotic T-Rex and comes with a red energo-sword, a black double-barreled rifle, and a rocket launcher with three silver rockets.
Grimlock was later reissued in the European/Australian-exclusive "Classics" series. In Japan, he and the other four Dinobots were offered as mail-away items during Operation Combination; Grimlock cost 2300 yen (his original retail price) and 2 robot points.
  • Grimlock (Classic Pretender, 1989)
    • Accessories: Pretender shell, rifle, helmet, tail/gun

Me Grimlock have fleshy bits!

A simplified and slightly modified version of Grimlock, he transforms into a robotic T-Rex whose tail becomes a handgun. He came with a large human Pretender shell with a rather knight-like armor theme, with a helmet and large cannon.
His human shell looks a lot like Ed Asner.
Note: Pretender Classic Grimlock's function was Lieutenant Commander instead of Dinobot Commander.
  • Grimlock (Legends, 1989)
    • Accessories: Tail/gun

Me Grimlock say cut it out.

A K-Mart exclusive in its Hasbro release, this version of Grimlock is simply the inner robot of his Classic Pretender form without the shell or its accessories, leaving him only his tail/gun. In Japan, he was only available in a boxed "Hero Set" with the other three Legends toys, but with a silver face rather than the Hasbro version's orange.
  • Grimlock (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Anti-tank cannon partner, particle beam cannon

Me Grimlock no longer able to transform, so me Grimlock over-compensate with really big gun.

Part of the initial assortment of non-transforming Action Master figures, Grimlock's design combines his cartoon model with extra toy-based detailing. He came with the Anti-tank cannon "partner" machine which could be ridden by Grimlock or unfolded to form a really big "long-range mortar launcher".

Generation 2

  • Grimlock (Dinobot, 1992)
    • Accessories: 'Energo' sword, twin 'stunner' laser rifle,
Grimlock's original toy was redecoed for release in Generation 2, this time lacking the missile launcher accessory. He was available in three different colors; the first --and rarest-- in his original silver (the easiest way to spot if this is a G2 or original is by the "Autobot" tampograph on his leg), then in a medium turquoise-blue, and finally (and most commonly) in a dark blue.
Note: Grimlock outranked Optimus Prime in the G2 toyline! Prime had a rank of 9.

Beast Wars

  • Grimlock (Deluxe, 1997)
    • Accessories: Tail/rotate-blade, sword

Ben Yee think me Grimlock look like dalmatian... :(

Beast Wars Grimlock is a redeco of Dinobot in gray and gold with black spots, transforming into a "raptor" of some variety. His tail becomes a sword and a rotate-blade. He was slightly retooled to have space for an "energon chip" rubsign. Unfortunately, Grimlock suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome.
This mold is also used by Dinobots Grimlock, and was retooled to make Dinotron, Hardhead and Thrustor.

Beast Machines

T-Wrecks may have been intended to be a new form for Grimlock, based on the references in his tech spec bio to his Beast Wars "Attack Specialist" function and other hints. However, T-Wrecks' appearances in the Universe: The Wreckers comics suggests he is a new, unrelated character.


  • Grimlock (2005)
    • Alternator ID number: 9
    • Japanese ID number: BT-10
    • Accessories: Engine/gun, sword

Me can't munch metal, but can burn rubber!

Alternators Grimlock transforms into a silver 1:24 scale Ford Mustang with opening doors, hood, and trunk, rather then transforming into a Tyrannosaur or any other dinosaur. His engine transforms into a double-barreled gun, and he also carries an orange sword which can attach to the underside of his vehicle mode. The toy is one of the most-complained-about Alternators toys, due to its notoriously finicky transformation (with many small steps that must be performed in exactly the right order) and to several pieces which have a tendency to pop off with relatively small amounts of force.
This mold was remolded into Alternators Wheeljack.


The Grimlock toy released in Energon was originally created by Hasbro for release as a special new-mold addition for the Universe toyline and was intended to represent Generation One Grimlock. However, it wasn't and it didn't for the combination of budgetary concerns and keeping the combination gimmick (since he combines with the packed-in Swoop to form "Mega-Dinobot") only in the Energon toyline, which had combination as a central theme.


  • Grimlock (Deluxe, 2006)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, missile, removable tail

Me Grimlock just come from Jurassic Park 4 audition. Me ate other actors!

Classics Grimlock, a gray and gold Tyrannosaurus rex, is a re-imagined form of his original toy. It features articulated jaws, some neck and arm movement, posable legs, a segmented, articulated tail, and is notably designed to run rather than drag (theories on the T-Rex having changed from "caveman adversary" to "Carl Lewis in lizard skin" since the G1 incarnation).
There are several similarities between Grimlock's Classic toy and his Pretender Classic toy:
  • The T-Rex's arms are on the sides of the robot-mode legs.
  • The T-Rex's head becomes the robot-mode legs.
  • In robot mode, his tail detaches to become a sword/whip, similar to his Pretender Classic toy.
  • His bayonet blaster bears a similarity to his Pretender toy's.
His bayonet blaster can be deployed in either mode and fires a clear red projectile. Both weapons can be stored on his back when not used. As with most Classics toys, Grimlock features a heat-sensitive rubsign, placed on the left side of the tyrannosaurus torso/his left leg.
A common complaint about the figure is the size of the peg being too small in relation to the peg-hole, making it impossible to lock the arms into place. In addition, the bayonet blaster has a hair-trigger and for no apparent reason, his fist holes are a few fractions of a millimeter too small to accommodate standard 5mm peg accessories that most modern Transformers toys use.
An unpainted Classics Grimlock was used at the BotCon 2007 customization classes to create Timelines Overkill. The mold was also redecoed into "Shattered Glass" Grimlock.
Classic Grimlock later comes with Classic Jetfire in a twin-pack set in 2007.

Titanium Series

Me Grimlock say boogie down!!

  • Grimlock (3" Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Gun, Autobot stand
Titanium Series Grimlock is a non-transforming, three inch die-cast metal figurine based on his toy and comic/cartoon model. He has very limited articulation, in his neck, waist and shoulders. Grimlock is posed squatting and/or dancing.


  • Grimlock (6" Cybertron Heroes, 2008)
    • Accessories: Gun, Energo-sword
Based upon his appearance from The War Within, this version of Grimlock transforms into a Cybertronic heavy tank. This transforming partly die-cast and plastic Grimlock was initially unreleased due to the cancellation of the Transformers series of Titanium toys at retail (the line would continue on for Star Wars at the three-inch scale). Hasbro provided a sample to the toy/character concept's designer, Don Figueroa. However, Hasbro has decided to release this figure after all as a Toys-R-Us exclusive in the fall of 2008 in a two-pack, with the also-almost-unreleased War Within Prowl.


  • Grimlock (Booster, 2007)

Me Grimlock can't move. Seem to happen a lot.

Attacktix Grimlock is depicted in his Tyrannosarus mode, and has a sculpt based heavily upon his original G1 toy. Pressing down on his back will cause his head to extend and presumably hit whatever he's facing.

Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Henkei! Henkei! Transformer

  • Grimlock (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: C-03
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, missile, removable tail

Me Grimlock shiny! But robot mode shoulder joints still no lock in place.

Henkei! Henkei! Grimlock is an extensive redeco of Classics Grimlock, with generally more intricate paint detailing to make him more closely resemble the Generation One toy. As with all Henkei toys, he lacks the heat sensitive rubsign seen on the Classics release, and instead features vacuum-metalized "chromed" plastic (in a similar gimmick to the Beast Wars Transmetals toys). The vac-metal is used on his beast mode feet, as well as the tyrannosaurus torso, which was, oddly enough, in Hasbro's original deco plan for Classics Grimlock.


And me Grimlock's fandom rejoiced (and complained!)!

  • Grimlock (2009)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-8
Masterpiece Grimlock is based upon his original toy and cartoon model, transforming into an outdated view of the Tyrannosaurus rather than the more accurate depiction seen on Classics Grimlock. However, he is articulated enough to be able to be posed like the more accurate modern reconstruction of a T-Rex, but unfortunately this leaves his tail in a lifted position, making him look like he's about to drop a coprolite. Besides his weapons, he also comes with a cloth apron, silken snap-on bow tie, and a drinks serving tray he carried in Madman's Paradise and the device Grimlock used to transfer his super-intelligence into Computron in Grimlock's New Brain. He also has several action gimmicks, including colour-changing eyes in both robot and dinosaur mode, a spring-loaded bite (sadly not powerful enough to snap the Universe 2009 Legends-Class Wheelie in half), and a head-thrashing feature activated by moving his tail or pressing down on his hips.
Masterpiece Grimlock features the usage of die-cast metal and a LED mounted within his right fist, which can be used to light up his energo-sword or rifle barrels.
If you want to, Wheelie can ride him. Yay!
See also:Image:MasterpieceGrimlock.JPG
  • King Grimlock (2009)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-8X
Comic based redeco of Masterpiece Grimlock, the toy subs green chrome for blue, adding blue tinge to his tail, brightining the gold chrome, and changing black to blue and silver in place of gray. The toy includes a crown and a clear red sword.



  • Grimlock (Takara, 2003)

Transformers - Mini Bust

When me Grimlock get legs back, you in BIG TROUBLE!

  • Grimlock (Diamond Select, 2007)

A mini-bust of Grimlock based on his appearance in the cartoon was released by Diamond Select in 2007. The figure includes the upper body of Grimlock, wielding his energo-sword, acting as if rushing into the battlefield. There is the head of his beast mode sculpted into the base of the statue.

Me Grimlock say no fun to be exclusive all of time.

  • War Within Grimlock (Diamond Select, 2007)

War Within Grimlock was an Action Figure Xpress exclusive at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. He was sculpted by Chris Lee of Art Asylum and limited to 600 pieces. The sculpt features Grimlock holding his flaming sword. The front of his vehicle mode is sculpted onto the base of the bust.

Robot Heroes

  • Grimlock Vs Shockwave (Two Pack, 2007)

Me Grimlock no cutie, me king!

Packed with Shockwave, Robot Heroes Grimlock is a detailed two-inch tall soft-plastic figurine with exaggerated, cartoonish proportions and an amusing "raised eyebrow" look on his face. He is sculpted holding his sword in his right hand. He has swivel joints at his shoulders and neck. He brings cuddly wuddly death.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Grimlock (2007)
A 48-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Grimlock "transforms" into a gray vague approximation of a T. Rex. He uses the same parts layout as Megatron and Cruellock.


Me Grimlock BIG person, so they put Grimlock's statue in Natural History Museum.

  • A working name for the Alternators Ford Mustang mold which ultimately ended up as Grimlock was "Freeway", according to various early store listings.

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