The name or term Grimlock refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Grimlock (disambiguation).

Grimlock is an Autobot from an unidentified continuity.

Me Grimlock either drunk or a clown. Or both.

Grimlock is an Autobot fighter who transforms into an organic velociraptor. His relationship to any other Grimlock is unknown. It is presumed that simply by virtue of being a dinosaur named Grimlock, he leads the other Dinobots, but there is no official material to support or refute this.



  • Grimlock & Terranotron (Deluxe 2-pack, 2003)
Grimlock is a redeco of the original Beast Wars Dinobot toy, transforming into a velociraptor (or vague simulation of one, at least). Strangely, the "tail bone" sword blade hidden within the beast mode tail was shortened and re-cast in much softer, more pliable plastics than previous or future versions of the mold. Grimlock was exclusive to Wal*Mart stores, sold only in a two-pack with Terranotron. His face is painted red except for eyes, similar to Pretender Classic Grimlock toy, whose face was fully painted red. Grimlock's gold parts are susceptible to crumbling over time.
The same mold is used by Beast Wars Grimlock, and was retooled to make Thrustor, Hardhead and Dinotron.

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