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Grimlock gains tremendous intelligence and creates the Technobots.

Grimlock's New Brain is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of The Transformers and is overall the eighty-ninth episode of The Transformers series. It is overall the eighty-ninth episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.

Detailed synopsis[]

Grimlock's New Brain Skuxxoid Slizardo

Skuxxoid and Slizardo with the Anti-electrons.

On Cybertron, the Autobots are unveiling a new generator that will better supply them with power. As Rodimus Prime signals Grimlock to activate the machine, Grimlock causes a few missteps before Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, and Perceptor manage to switch the generator on. Grimlock points out that he is "smartest Dinobot of all," but Perceptor points out that the Dinobots have limited brains. Grimlock, mildly insulted, threatens to bash Perceptor's brain. Elsewhere, a Skuxxoid and Slizardo are sneaking into the generator to place anti-electrons inside the device, as Galvatron has paid them to deliver the anti-electrons to the generator, which would eventually kill the Autobots.

Grimlock's New Brain Grimlock generator off

Grimlock given the generator a good kick.

In space, Cosmos and Sky Lynx are flying back to Cybertron, when they suddenly begin to malfunction, crashing into the planet. Springer tries to air lift Sky Lynx to safety, but also begins to malfunction. Perceptor concludes that the problem is originating in the generator and Rodimus, Magnus, Grimlock, and Kup head down to investigate. However, Grimlock breaks the device that Perceptor gave them to navigate the tunnels, so they split up. Grimlock and Kup reach the generator's controls, and Kup begins to suffer memory malfunctions. Grimlock deactivates the generator with the ever-appropriate tactic of biting it, but immediately begins to act differently. He speaks in a proper manner, with an extended vocabulary, and appears to have lost his taste for combat. However, Ratbat has been observing them and reports back to Galvatron. Galvatron threatens to kill the Skuxxoid and Slizardo for ruining his plan, as the anti-electrons have already vaporized and were hard to find, but Slizardo reveals that there is another source of Unicron's brain.

Grimlock's New Brain Dinobots fishing

The Dinobots in a pond

Back on Cybertron, Grimlock and the Autobots pass the Dinobots fishing in a local pond. Snarl invites Grimlock to join, but Grimlock declines, saying he has more important matters to attend to. The Dinobots are concerned, as they always fish together. Elsewhere, Grimlock concludes that anti-electrons were the source of the problem. As Galvatron's ship approaches Unicron's head, he cautions his soldiers, saying that Unicron may be quite powerful. On Cybertron, the Dinobots seek out Grimlock, who is building a new spaceship, and he asks for their help. Sludge does not like Grimlock's change in attitude, and Slag declares that "Grimlock no fun". With their leader not acting like one of them, the Dinobots decide to go hunting without him. Later, Grimlock has taken Rodimus, Perceptor, and Kup to Unicron's head, having concluded that Unicron's body was the original source. However, Galvatron fires anti-electrons at the shuttle, causing it to crash and the Autobots to malfunction. Galvatron then unleashes the Terrorcons on the Autobots while Grimlock runs off. Grimlock then uses components of Unicron to build Nosecone and asks him to drill a hole into Unicron's brain.

Grimlock's New Brain Computron Abominus

Computron facing off agents Abominus.

Elsewhere, Cyclonus and Scourge are retrieving the anti-electrons when they reactivate Unicron. The Chaos Bringer's internal defenses activate, but Strafe, another robot built by Grimlock, destroys the defenses. Finally, Grimlock builds three more robots: Afterburner, Lightspeed, and Scattershot, the last of whom he appoints as leader of the Technobots. He sends the Technobots to fight the Terrorcons, and they manage to destroy the anti-electrons as well, but the Terrorcons merge into Abominus. Retreating, the Technobots ask Grimlock for advice, and Grimlock reveals that they are also Combiners, commanding them to merge into Computron. The computational capacity held by the gestalt is massive, yet he claims that he lacks the intelligence to feed it. Grimlock connects a device to Computron's head which transfers his super-intelligence to Computron. Now armed with incredible intelligence as Grimlock is reverted back to normal, Computron is able to defeat Abominus and send the Decepticons running.

On Cybertron, Rodimus is holding a celebration for the newly functioning generator, the creation of the Technobots, and Grimlock's efforts. However, Sludge reveals that Grimlock is fishing with the Dinobots. Grimlock says that being a genius all the time is no fun, and he'd rather be a regular Dinobot. The Autobots cheer his statement, apparently preferring their one-bot engines of destruction to be simple-minded.


Featured Characters[]

("Numbers indicate order of appearance")

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Notable quotes[]

"Me Grimlock ready, but forgot which button."
"I went through it with him five times!"

Grimlock's inability to activate the power generator frustrates Rodimus Prime.

"Can't be that one, must be one of these. Eenie Menie miny moe. This switch real rad, gonna pull!"
"Grimlock, no!!!!! It's this one over here!"
"Uhhh, that Grimlock's next choice."

Grimlock showing Rodimus why he should not have been given such an important task.

"Why you think Grimlock stupid? Me not stupid. Grimlock smartest Dinobot of all."
"Unfortunately, that's probably true. I just wish all the Dinobots had more sophisticated brains."
"Brains?! Grimlock know how to bash brains. Maybe bash yours."

Grimlock threatening to beat up Perceptor.

"Have no fear! Once again, I will save the day!"

Sky Lynx as he runs to save Cosmos, only to lose control of his autogyros as well.

Grimlock: "What go wrong?"
Perceptor: "Something incapacitated their aerial capabilities."
Grimlock: "Huh?"
Rodimus Prime: "He means they couldn't fly, so they crashed."
Grimlock: "Me knew that!"

—Simplifying things for a Dinobot isn't that simple.

"This ain't ever happened before, Auto-buddies! I'm busted..."

Blaster as his transformation controls are also affected

"Guide? No need guide, have Grimlock!"
"Don't remind me."

Grimlock and Rodimus Prime after the Dinobot leader has destroyed the electro-map, their only way to find the power generator

"Hey, how did you shut down that baby?"
"I, Grimlock...used my rear molars."
"Uh that makes good sense, good going. You what?!"
"Is your hearing impaired, Kup? Ohh, with some Autobots, you have to explain everything."

Kup and Grimlock the latter of whom has just received a great deal of intelligence

"That one mine! Give me!"
"Rrr, me want that Autobot!"

Sinnertwin arguing with...himself.

"Are...are you my father?"

—A newly awakened Nosecone, the first Technobot created by Grimlock

Strafe: "Yahoo! It feels great to be a Technobot! My name is Strafe!"
Afterburner: "Far out! Fantastic! I'm Afterburner! I'm raring to burn neutrons and see some heavy action!"
Lightspeed: "Mellow out, Afterburner."
Afterburner: "Says who?"
Lightspeed: "They call me Lightspeed, faster than a speeding photon."
Grimlock: "And you, Scattershot, shall be the leader of the Technobots."

—The newly created Technobots and Grimlock engage in a brief introdump.

"Come on, Technobots! Let's show them the stuff Grimlock made us of!"

Afterburner as he attacks the Decepticons with his comrades

"Super-intelligence is the only way for you to defeat Abominus's brute force! It's the only way."

Grimlock sacrifices his intelligence to the merged Computron.

"Name: Computron. Primary goal: obliterate Decepticons."

Computron introduces himself to Galvatron and the Decepticons.

"Me Grimlock say no fun to be genius all the time. Much more fun to be good old Dinobot Grimlock."

Grimlock on his recent bout with intelligence.

Other Notes[]

Animation and/or technical glitches[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, Grimlock is shown listening to Rodimus' speech with the other Autobots, when he's up in the control room a moment later.
  • When the Autobots activate the power generator, Springer is twice as tall as Kup and Blurr.
  • During Abominus's combination sequence, Hun-Gurrr transforms into Blot and Sinnertwin before combining with himself.
  • The Decepticons appear to be far too big when they leave Unicron's head.
  • When the Autobots land on Unicron, Rodimus transforms into his Hot Rod vehicle mode.

Continuity errors[]

  • If Grimlock has proven himself so incompetent, why does Rodimus bring him along to find the power generator? There are plenty of other Autobots that can provide muscle (Springer, for one).
  • When the Autobots near the power generator, why are Kup and Rodimus affected, but Ultra Magnus and Grimlock aren't? It's possible that Grimlock may not be affected due to his creation on Earth causing him to be made differently than the other Autobots (like in "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1"), however this doesn't explain Magnus.
  • This isn't an error necessarily, but this episode marks the only time Cybertron has any sort of water (in this case, the pool the Dinobots are "fishing" in).
  • Why isn't Swoop with the other Dinobots? The writers even bother to have Grimlock point out that Omega Supreme is away on a mission, and yet one of the Dinobots gets left out?
  • Blurr can be seen numerous times fighting alongside the Autobots, despite him not being present on the shuttle ride over.
  • Hot Rod gets on Grimlock for screwing things up but he was the one that had Grimlock, one of the stupider Autobots, control an extremely complex machine with few labels to tell you what the buttons do.

Transformers references[]

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Technobots, the Terrorcons and both their combine forms, Abominus and Computron.
  • The second time Rodimus Prime's transformation systems malfunction, he reverts into Hot Rod. Most visibly, he transforms into his junior self's vehicle mode. Additionally, his coloring changes to Hot Rod's traditional magenta, and actor Dick Gautier raises his voice in pitch to his normal Hot Rod voice, since Judd Nelson wasn't available.
  • With Grimlock creating the Technobots, this marks the third time Transformers are shown to have built-from-scratch intelligence. Previously the Dinobots themselves were built and given intelligence on Earth by Cybertronian Autobots, Ratchet and Wheeljack. Unlike the Dinobots, the Technobots display similar intelligence to those who were given intelligence by Vector Sigma. This could mean that for a brief period Grimlock was smarter than both Ratchet and Wheeljack.

Real-world references[]

  • Star Wars sound effects:
    • TIE Fighter roar as Sky Lynx and Cosmos crash.
    • And again as Ratbat flees from Rodimus & company.
    • Millennium Falcon roar as Strafe takes off.
    • TIE Fighter again as Scattershot makes his first attack.
    • And again as he dives in front of Abominus.
    • X-wing diving whine as the Decepticons retreat.



Meet Prof. Grimlock. Cheaters and plagiarists will not be expelled, merely eaten.

  • This episode marks Cosmos' last major appearance, and the last appearance of Unicron.
  • While the episode is centered around Grimlock, he never once transforms out of his dinosaur mode.
  • Artwork for the episode featured in TV Magazine showed Grimlock wearing a mortarboard and lecturing on something complicated.
  • Curiously, aside from a lack of a British accent, Grimlock's personality as a genius was similar to the Shattered Expectations version of Grimlock. "I Grimlock" was shown to not enjoy the role of an attack dog.
  • The Masterpiece Grimlock toy features the device he used here to transfer his intelligence to the Technobots.


Auto gyro

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