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Grill is the ninth episode of the second season of Transformers: Prime. It is the thirty-fifth episode of the series overall.


Agent Fowler tells his superior, General Bryce, all about the Autobots.


Agent Fowler steps into General Bryce's office to provide explanations of the past and current events in an interview/debriefing, which Private Daley was filming using his camcorder. Fowler informed Daley he was close to his face with the camera before sitting down to talk with Bryce. Bryce first asks about Optimus Prime's recent death, and Fowler clarifies that the body the military have is Nemesis Prime, though Bryce has trouble swallowing it. Fowler explains a bit about MECH and wonders if some of MECH's men are special forces like Silas. Under further questioning, Fowler relates more about the Autobots and their war, and his own involvement in helping Team Prime. Bryce asks him to run through the identities of the Autobots in Team Prime, and comes to the death of Cliffjumper. Bryce reiterates that all they have to go on regarding Optimus Prime's recent defection to the Decepticons is Fowler's report, and the current debriefing is a result of concerns about the potential danger the Autobots pose, with the possibility of a military tribunal later and potentially the termination of Team Prime.

Agent Fowler insists that the Autobots are very careful about protecting humans, but lets slip about the kids. He quickly covers the mistake by claiming they're civilians working with the Autobots and valuable team members, carefully leaving out the fact that they're minors. Bryce seems mollified, but asks why Megatron hasn't been terminated yet, which leads Fowler to mention Unicron. Bryce decides that Fowler needs a psychological evaluation, though after Fowler clarifies that he didn't say "unicorn", the evaluation is called off. Fowler also relays how both Starscream and Airachnid have gone rogue, and that the Autobots have gained valuable intel from the former. Though he says Optimus thinks Dreadwing could be converted, Fowler doesn't agree. When questioned about Optimus's recent defection, Fowler is confident that Optimus is firmly an Autobot. He mentions the current Decepticon hunt for ancient Transformer artifacts, and has Optimus himself look through the window and converse with Bryce. General Bryce is convinced and dismisses Fowler, just before the battery on Private Daley's camcorder runs out.


  • It can be assumed that the debriefing takes place at Area 51, considering that when Fowler looks outside to see Optimus come, the background is a desert with military buildings and aircraft in it.
  • Being a clip show, this episode shows bits from virtually every episode of the series up to this point.
  • Like Miko in "One Shall Rise, Part 1", General Bryce mistakes "Unicron" for "unicorn".
  • Fowler's dialogue makes a reference to the title of "Loose Cannons".
  • This episode finally explains why Agent Fowler doesn't wear a flight suit.
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