Griffin Rock dam

The Griffin Rock dam supplies water to Griffin Rock. It is located in a canyon uphill from the township, and is possibly connected to Griffin Rock power plant. It has an electronic alert system that broadcasts to the fire station.


Transformers: Rescue Bots 

After Hayley crashed her minivan near the dam, the vehicle became lodged in one of the dam's overflow pipes. As a result, the water pressure began building up behind the dam, triggering alerts that reached the fire station. Kade went to investigate, but as he stepped onto the platform with the monitoring equipment, it gave way beneath him, leaving him dangling in midair. It was only through the efforts of HeatwaveBoulder and Blades that he was rescued and the rest of the team alerted to the problem. Once Cody used the Minimizer to shrink the minivan, the pressure on the dam was released, and repairs could get underway. 

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy 

The people of Griffin Rock opted to carve the Rescue Bots' giant faces into a mountain adjacent to the dam. As a result, when Hot Shot attempted to add his own head to the mountain face and it cracked, the fissure spread to the dam, threatening to cause it to burst. The leak was eventually plugged using the sculpture of Hot Shot's head.

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