The Griffin Rock Triangle is an area of ocean off the coast of Griffin Rock where a great many ships have disappeared without trace. Beneath the surface lies a deep ocean trench.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Griffin Rock Triangle"

Over the years, many ships were lost in the Triangle. Professor Anna Baranova created the Midgard to investigate the Griffin Rock Triangle and discovered that at the bottom of the trench was a vent which regularly released large quantities of methane, causing ships to sink. Her attempt to seal the vent with explosives ended in failure, trapping her at the bottom of the trench for twenty-eight years. After Captain Wild's boat was similarly struck by methane, the Burns family and their Rescue Bot partners ventured into the Triangle in search of Baranova, and found the crashed Midgard. With her help, they used the explosive to complete her mission, sealing the vent and making the Triangle safe for regular shipping again.

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