RobotsSinging Griffin Rock Idol audition

Griffin Rock Idol is a talent show held in Griffin Rock. The winner of the contest is to receive a recording contract. Judging duties are handled by Mayor Luskey, Mrs. Neederlander, and Mr. Alper.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"I Have Heard the Robots Singing"

The auditions were covered by both Huxley Prescott and mainland news reporters, however they had to be put on hold for two hours when Huxley took a fall off a scaffolding tower. Priscilla Pynch, aiming to cheat in the contest, stole Doc Greene's Tone-O-Tuner, but after she discarded it, the device began causing the entire town to be perfect singers. The auditions suddenly became very popular, with lines snaking away from town hall. Auditions were interrupted again when the building started shaking apart, but after the Tone-O-Tuner was shut down and the building was reinforced, the show went on. Priscilla was rejected for her lack of singing talent, however Frankie Greene dazzled the judges and was named Griffin Rock Idol.

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