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The Griffin Rock Express is a hover train that runs between Griffin Rock and the mainland though a tunnel under the ocean. It has all the most modern technology, including autosteering for sharp corners, and boosters which bring the journey down to twenty minutes. Hopefully it also has sick bags.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Griffin Rock Express"

The train was designed by Doc Greene. With the timetable set by Mayor Luskey, the train's boosters were unable to be calibrated before its maiden journey, but unfortunately Luskey insisted on engaging them anyway, and the train malfunctioned. The Rescue Bots were forced to break down the rock wall at the end of the line, allowing the runaway train to pass into the tunnels under the island. While Doc Greene worked at reaching the malfunctioning booster, Kade and Dani engaged the reverse engine, slowing the train long enough for the Rescue Bots to jump onto the roof. Chief Burns was forced to steer the train around an S bend after Doc Greene removed the autosteering unit, and in the end, it required Frankie and the Phase Bit she'd borrowed to get everyone off the train. The train itself crashed a short time later.

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