AVirtualDisaster dragon chasing Blades and Cody

Griffin Rock Element Quest is a virtual reality video game based in and around the town of Griffin Rock. To win the game, players must brave hazards to obtain flags in areas themed with water, fire and earth, with air added in a later update. The electronic guide on this mission is CAT.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"A Virtual Disaster"

The 1.0 version of the game was installed in the Hall of Inspiration, but the day Cody and Frankie were going to try it out, the town was snowed in. Cody and Blades used the tunnels under Griffin Rock to reach the hall and play the VR game, successfully completing the first level set on the ocean. As they began the second level in the town square, the hall was hit by lightning, causing the game to glitch — the fire of the dragon they were fighting suddenly became deadly real, and the game was unable to be stopped. Cody and Blades were forced to attempt to complete the game to escape it. Outside the VR world, the rest of the team had to fight to keep the power going to the hall, and Graham was able to rig up a headset to allow Heatwave to enter the game as well. The trio battled their way up Mount Griffin for the final mission of the game to face the animated stone griffin at the top, and Blades succeeded in capturing the last flag, ending the game.

"Back to Virtual Reality"

At some point the game was moved to the Fun Zone. Frankie found an upgrade to the game, version 2.0, which added an air level, and joined Chief, Cody and Heatwave in trying it out. It soon turned out the upgrade also included a Trojan virus planted by Dr. Morocco, and this Morocco virus took control of the game. While Frankie worked on disinfecting the virus from the real world, the others returned to the game with Blades and found themselves battling sharks in the Earth level. Though Heatwave and Blades were eliminated from the game and unable to return, Chief and Cody won the game, defeating the virus. Unfortunately the virus managed to escape into the real world using the Fun Zone's 3D printer.

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