Grid Joona is a location in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

While on a mission to rescue the kidnapped protohuman child Una from the clutches of the Predacons, Depth Charge, bearing Rattrap on his back, was shot in mid-air by Megatron's latest creation, the bi-polar energon-powered disrupter cannon.

The two Maximals crash landed near a riverbank in Grid Joona. Go With the Flow


  • Beast Wars story editors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio worked various references to the online Transformers fandom into the series. Grid Joona is a reference to Finnish fan Joona I. Palaste.
  • The real-life Joona would sometimes get irate at stupid Americans mispronouncing his name. Apparently, it's really pronounced "yaw-na!" Well, tough luck, Joona, thanks to Beast Wars, "joo-na" is canon now.
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