This article is about a semi-obscure Japanese Micromaster. For the Constructicon known as "Hook" in English, see Hook (G1).

Gren is a Micromaster from the Micromaster Collection portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Gren is the "evil half" of the Autobot Micromaster Iron Lift, and part of the Decepticon Sixbuilder team. It is unknown how much personality he shares with his other half, who is known as a fleet-footed hand-to-hand fighter.

Note: This character's name is conjectural; though the character is never explicitly named, the Micromaster Collection story material heavily implies what the five non-named members of the Decepticon Sixbuilder team are. For those playing along at home, "Gren" is the Japanese name for Hook, and is seemingly a "rhinoxing" of "crane".


Micromaster Collection Story


Micromaster Collection

  • Iron Lift (Micromaster, 2003)
Sixbuilder ID number: 3
In 2003, the entire Sixbuilder team was re-released as part of the "Micromaster Collection", in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. Two boxes in each case of twelve had a chase-variant light-green "Destron" version of the character rather than the normal-colored version; all six were available in this way. Iron Lift transforms into a hook-crane truck, and can also form the left arm to any Six-Team robot (he is only compatible with the left Sixbuilder fist part), though his nominal placement is as Decepticon Sixbuilder's left arm. He came packaged with the left fist to the combined robot mode.
Iron Lift uses the same mold as the Universe Micromaster Hightower.

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