The mighty Destroyer-of-Scissors, and yet to think all your power is useless before a single sheet of paper...

Gregory Swofford is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Gregory Swofford has been wounded both inside and out due to his past experiences with the Transformers. A corrupt and vengeful scientist, he blames Optimus Prime for his scarred face, but was unwittingly instrumental in bringing the Autobot leader back to life. He is a professional partner to Mark Morgan, and has a professional, and perhaps romantic, relationship with Morgan's daughter, Jessica.


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Jered Barclay (US), Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Like his partner, Gregory Swofford was ultimately corrupt. Gregory Swofford and Jessica Morgan were conducting tests on Dr. Mark Morgan's experimental heat-resistant alloy near a star, when they discovered an Autobot ship carrying the body of Optimus Prime. Swofford remembered back to a fight he walked in on between Prime and Megatron in a laboratory full of Transformer-sized beakers. Due to Megatron's interference, Swofford was injured and scarred during the fight, but the scientist blamed Optimus Prime for his injuries. Despite this, he helped Jessica retrieve Prime's body from the Autobot ship before the it collided with the star, but not before he pounded on Prime's arm for being "a lousy robot." Jerk.

As he and Jessica escaped the exploding star, Swofford noticed that strange spores were coating their ship. Back on earth he and Dr. Morgan studied the spores and discovered their hate-inducing properties. An attack on their lab by the Terrorcons cut short their experiments and injured Jessica, paralyzing her. After she was taken to the hospital by First Aid, Swofford and Morgan fumed about their hatred of the Transformers, which inspired Swofford's plan to use Optimus Prime's body to destroy the Autobots.

We both come with kung-fu action!

Later, Swofford accompanied Morgan to the hospital to find that Jessica had been given an exo-skeleton suit by the Autobots so she could walk again. Instead of being thankful for his daughter's recovery, Morgan was furious and brought Jessica home with Swofford presumably in tow.

Despite their best efforts, Swofford and Morgan were unable to activate Optimus Prime, so Swofford prepared to melt Prime's body in a furnace. When Jessica tearfully demanded that they stop, Swofford complied, only because he planned on using Prime's body as bait to lure the other Autobots into a trap and infect them with the hate-inducing spores. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

When Optimus Prime opened the Matrix to cure the Hate Plague, Gregory and Jessica were restored and embraced each other. Swofford then apologized for all of the trouble that he caused and offered a hand to Optimus, but luckily, Galvatron walked towards and thanked Optimus for stopping the plague which allowed Optimus to refuse Swofford and Morgan's apology for good. It is likely both Swofford and Morgan are imprisoned for their actions and corruption.

The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

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