Adventure Greejeeber Package art

The hotheaded Greejeeber (グリジバー Gurijibā) is inordinately proud of his strength, being a master of many martial arts techniques, including Crystalocution. What better way is there to prove how tough he is than to take down the Autobots' strongest member, the Dinobot Grimlock?

Unfortunately, his effectiveness on missions is hindered by his repeated partnership with the lumbering Roadblock. The two really don't get along.

In his downtime, he enjoys taking sauna baths.



  • Gregevor [sic] (Deluxe, 2015-03-21)
    • ID number: TAV 08
    • Accessories: Rifle
Greejeeber Adventure toy
Part of the initial wave of Adventure product, Greejeeber is a redeco of Warrior-class Strongarm, transforming into an off-road truck. His rifle can be mounted in both robot and vehicle mode using 5mm ports.
His scannable insignia is on his robot-mode right chestplate. A fake, non-scannable decal has been placed on a clear-plastic guard when the toy is in-package, preventing you from scanning them into the Adventure app without actually purchasing the toy.
  • Grimlock VS Gregevor [sic] (Vs set, 2015-03-21)
    • ID number: TAV VS02
    • Accessories: Rifle
Greejeeber was also sold in a two-pack with Grimlock.
Both toys are identical to their individual releases, right down to still having a fake, non-scannable insignia to prevent pre-purchase scanning into the game app.


  • Greejeeber is, obviously, an homage to the Car Robots character of the same name... because both series were called "Robots in Disguise" in the Hasbro markets, you see! He even keeps the "martial artist" and "likes baths" aspects from the original Greejeeber.
  • Greejeeber's packaging romanizes his name as "Gregevor". To English-speakers, this incorrectly reads as "grehgehvor", with short e's and a second hard g. Thus, this wiki is sticking with the previously-established romanization, which was later officially used for the Unite Warriors release of the original Greejeeber.
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