A Battle Beasts manga with scarcely any Battle Beasts.

Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest is a 26-page manga special which ran in the pages of TV Magazine.

  • Author:
  • Artist: Magami Ban
  • Major characters (in order of appearance):
  • Originally published:


With White Leo away on some business, the Decepticons and their unit of evil Beastformers seize the opportunity to launch a second assault on Planet Beest. Responding to an SOS from the Autobot Beastformers, Rodimus Prime deploys Fortress and his team of Headmasters to investigate.


Kane is able!

Highbrow and Brainstorm discover Alligatoron and Predaking attacking a unit of Autobot Beastformers and quickly swoop in. Allowing themselves to be captured, they give the Autobot Beastformers enough time to escape. Elsewhere, Hardhead and Chromedome are being attacked by the "Fever Vegetation", Reproganmar; spikey flora that suck energy out of robots somehow. At the last minute, however, they are rescued by Kane and the other Autobot Beastformers that sent the distress signal. After telling his life story, Kane, the Autobot Beastformers, Chromedome and Hardhead sneak over to the Decepticon camp.

There, Galvatron chuckles over his capture of Highbrow and Brainstorm. Alligatoron wishes to use them as bait to lure White Leo into a trap, while Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher and Mindwipe simply ask that they be given the Autobots' transtectors after they're done with them. With no time left to wait for White Leo to arrive, Kane distracts the Decepticon Headmasters, giving Highbrow and Brainstorm the chance to break free. The Decepticon Beastformers ready themselves to attack, only to quickly be massacred by a storm of arrows. White Leo has returned!


White (Leo) Power!

White Leo, along with his back-up unit of Autobot Beastformers, waste no time in chopping several Decepticon Beastformers in half. Meanwhile, the Trainbots arrive and quickly transform into Raiden. Defeating Predaking with a mighty "J.R. Kick", they free the Autobot Beastformers still being held captive. Elsewhere, Kane is about to be eaten alive by the Decepticon Headmasters when the Autobot Headmasters show up to his rescue. Combining their firepower into the "Headmaster Grand Laser", they defeat the Decepticon Headmasters. Galvatron orders all Decepticons to return to Chaar, save for Alligatoron and the Decepticon Beastformers, whom he leaves to fend for themselves.

The Autobots savor their victory, relieved that White Leo and the Trainbots returned from Athenia just in the nick of time.



  • The Monsterbots were left behind on planet Beest in Rebellion on Planet Beest for the sole purpose of protecting it from further Decepticon activity, yet no mention of them is made whatsoever. Apparently, they didn't do a very good job.

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