The Predacon Burial Ground

The Great Cataclysm was a tragedy on Cybertron in which the Predacons became extinct, leaving behind their fossils and Predacon bones in Cybertron's plates.


A rogue, bloated, dying red sun passed through Cybertron's system. Its gravity pulled free some asteroids and sent them hurling towards the defenseless fifth planet. The remaining Primes destroyed most of the asteroids but many still struck Cyberton. The impact of the blast created conditions equivalent to a nucelar winter but this was mostly harmless to the Cybertronians. The real threat came when the red sun passed to close to Cybertron's own star, causing the system to experience massive solar flares with radiation enough to kill the Cybertronians. Prima and Alpha Trion gathered as many Cybertronians as they could underground as the radiation levels continued to rise. Prima, however hated the Predacons and let them die. The Primes taught the Cybertronians how to enter stasis lock to survive. The original Predaking tried to save his people by having them fly away, but soon realised that there was no safe place to go to. He recalled some instinct regarding stasis lock and his people dug underground to try and reach safety, but were too late and slowly perished. Prima was never seen after the Cataclysm and was believed to have perished getting the Cybertronians to safety.

Later on, Shockwave used their Cyber Nucleic Acid to clone other numerous Predacons, among them include: Predaking, Skylynx, Darksteel and Ripclaw.


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