Prime of Micron Gravity package art

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gravity (グラビティ Gurabiti) wields the ability to manipulate gravitational forces, though only for a fixed period of time. This power can somehow be used to create "Gravity Armor" and weapons that increases the fighting ability of his partner Optimus Prime by 300%.



  • Gravity & Optimus Prime Gravity Armor (Mini-Con Battle Pack, 2016)
    • Japanese ID Number: TAV41
Adventuretoy Gravity
Gravity is a redeco of Bludgeon. He is a medieval-themed robot that transforms into a spiked ball which resembles the head of a mace. His alternate mode also has a battering ram-like face molded to the front of it. As a Cyclone-style Mini-Con, he is designed to be launched in ball mode by the Deployer toys Overload and Crazybolt. Unlike most Mini-Cons from this toyline, Gravity does not include an armor sprue.
He was only available in a two-pack with the basic-sized "Gravity Armor" Optimus Prime.
  • Supreme-Power-Gravity-Toy
    Optimus Prime & Grimlock Supreme Armor Set (multi-pack, 2016)
    • Japanese ID Number: TAV45
A "Supreme Power Gravity" was available in a 4-pack with Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Supreme Power Volcano. This toy reverses the color layout of his original toy, giving him a blue body and red limbs.

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