Gravitas is an ancient Cybertronian in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.

His fellow council members did not include "Grippy" or "Megamerican."

Gravitas is an esteemed member of the Council of Ancients. For countless ages, he and the council have used their (allegedly) divinely inspired wisdom to choose a bearer for the Matrix of Leadership. When one Prime falls, another is chosen to take his place. Gravitas knows whispers of a grand plan for Cybertron, one spoken from a mysterious source.


Dreamwave comics continuity

The War Within

Gravitas summoned the archivist Optronix to the Iacon Chamber of the Ancients and told him the Matrix had chosen him to be the new Prime. Optronix wasn't particularly convinced. Gravitas was the one who led the ceremony in which Optronix received the Matrix and became Optimus Prime. He later gave Prime a disk containing the wisdom of his predecessors.

Gravitas and two other members of the council were killed when Iacon was struck by sub-surface tremors caused by Starscream's re-activation of the planet-moving engines buried deep below the planet's surface.

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