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The grapple glove is an equipment from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series series.


The grapple glove equipment is designed by the Autobot scientist Que for NEST. It is able to fire a small razor sharp harpooned dart with a length of high tension wire attached to it. This allows it to be used for climbing.


Dark of the Moon film

Que gave some gadgets, including the grapple glove, out just before the Autobots began fighting the Decepticons in Chicago. When Sam asked what Que's inventions were and did, Wheeljack quickly explained the usages of both the boomstick and the Grapple-Glove.

Sam took two boomsticks and a grapple glove. As Sam, Epps, Carly and Epp's friends journeyed through Chicago, they were ambushed by Starscream. Epps and his friends ran into a building, while Sam and Carly ran down an alleyway that turned into a dead end. There, Starscream cornered them and readied himself to kill Sam. However, the dimwitted Decepticon leaned in forward, allowing Sam to shoot the Grapple-Glove's hook so precise that it dug into Starscream's optic.


Starscream began to violently thrash around, in great agony from his eye injury. Lennox tried grabbing Sam but Starscream was getting frantic and started throwing the two around. Minutes later, Sam stabbed Starscream's other eye with the self-destructing boomstick. Seconds after the boomstick was shoved into his eye, it blew up. Since Sam was still in possession of the grapple glove at the time in which it had clinged to Starscream's eye, the rope attached to the hook was destroyed when the boomstick exploded. This not only ended the grapple glove and boomstick's usages, but it also ended Starscream's life by blowing his head off. Dark of the Moon