Grandus is fat and faaaabulous! Apparently, he is a sumo wrestler.


Transformers Animated cartoon

Grandus, in vehicle mode, carried a triumphant "Sentinel Magnus", along with Perceptor and Alpha Trion, in a victory parade before adoring masses. Behind them, the Decepticon prisoners were carried by another Transformer of the same model. Decepticon Air

When Captain Fanzone and Ratchet came to Cybertron via Bulkhead's Space Bridge, Grandus was the first to see Captain Fanzone and freak everyone out. After others ran away in terror, he and Flareup were left to decide what to do to him. Flareup insisted he step on it, but Ratchet saved him and told them no one's going to step on him. This Is Why I Hate Machines


  • According to Wyatt, Grandus's voice is an intentional nod to actor Paul Lynde.[April, 2010]
  • He has an oddly high-pitched voice for a Transformer of his size.

You will be whole again. I promise.
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