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Grandus is an Autobot from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Three months with the Atkins diet, and he still can't see his toes.

Grandus is a colossal Autobot who serves as a base for the numerous Autobot Micromasters. He can combine with Star Convoy and Sky Garry to form the Triple Combination Battlestar Attack.

His Micromaster partner is Spinner.

Pre-Production Name: Iron Baron


The Battlestars

From left to right: Sixliner, Grandus and Sky Garry

Grandus fought alongside Star Convoy and Sky Garry against the threat of Super Megatron and his Great Galaman and Great Novaroid forces. When Ultra Megatron and Dark Nova combined into Star Giant, Grandus was on the frontline fighting against the all-powerful entity. Together with Star Convoy and Sky Garry, he traveled into Star Giant's belly and destroyed the villain from the inside out. He escaped Star Giant seconds before it detonated.


Return of Convoy

  • Grandus (Autobot, 1991)
Japanese ID number: C-371
He transforms from a short fat box on its stomach, to a fat box with a base sticking out of it stomach, to a fat box standing up. The inventor of the Triple Changer is rolling over in his grave.
In 'vehicle' mode, he can be towed by Star Convoy, and Sky Garry can be placed on top of him. In 'base' mode, a connector from Star Convoy can hook up to him such that Grandus' elevator gimmick is powered by Star Convoy's motor. Unfortunately, this cool gimmick tends to break within the first or second time trying it out.


  • Grandus' instructions show that Dai Atlas can use his motor gimmick in vehicle mode to tow Grandus.
  • Grandus was retooled to make the "Dag Base" from Dagwon toyline, Takara's Brave series. Here, it served as both a base and a disturbingly overpowered (once all seven Dagwons are piloting it) "final mecha". Unfortunately, the Dag Base toy has been significantly remolded and somewhat gutted such that he can not be towed in vehicle mode by Star Convoy, and Star Convoy cannot power his elevator in base mode. This is one of many examples of late-run Transformers toys being recycled for a Brave Series release.

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