Grand Scourge is a Decepticon from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Never let it be said the franchise is out of fresh, new ideas!

He wears the badge of the Decepticons, but just who created Grand Scourge and who he answers to is a mystery. Physically, he is a match for his clone-template Optimus Prime in strength and ability, and can even use Optimus' own drone-limb additions! He is of course evil and utterly ruthless, but he's also quite fiendishly clever, plus he knows when to fold 'em and run.

(Note: It is conceivable that Grand Scourge is an upgraded form of Armada's Nemesis Prime (who was called Scourge in Japan). However, with as little actual stated information on Grand Scourge as there is, much of it contradicting what little there is on Nemesis Prime, it is hard to definitively say so without making a lot of suppositions, or just flat-out making stuff up.)


Pla-Kit Collection pack-in mini-comics


Quit hitting yourself! Quit hitting yourself!

Grand Scourge appeared, saving Optimus Prime (Prime seems to need a lot of saving in these comics), only to turn around and attack him, using his own version of the "Grand Cross" upgrade. Scourge managed to dislodge Optimus' "Digger-3" drill-tank unit from its place on his leg, toppling Optimus. Scourge then detached "Flame-3" from his right arm, replacing it with Optimus' Digger-3, and attacked him with a diving double-drill press!

However, the attack was interrupted by the arrival of Hot Shot, Ironhide and Kicker. Optimus rallied, and knocked Digger-3 from its place on Scourge's arm. Outnumbered, Scourge vanished into a warp with some cryptic words.

Unbeknownst to the Autobots, the fight was witnessed by Megatron, who commented on the interesting turn of events to himself. Convoy VS Scourge



  • Grand Scourge Hyper Mode (Pla-Kit Collection, 2004)
ID number: PKD 02
Grand Scourge is a redeco of the "Pla-Kit" model version of Energon Optimus Prime, a miniature rendition of the normal-sized Optimus toy that comes unpainted and unassembled, and stands about 4.5 inches tall in full Hyper Mode. He transforms into a Cybertronic truck cab, and also comes with four drone-vehicles that can attach to his limbs to form a variety of Hyper Modes: Dive-1 (submarine), Crusher-2 (drill tank), Flame-3 (fire truck), and Tornado-4 (helicopter). Scourge's decal sheet was altered to reflect this naming change. The kit does not come with any form of carrier-trailer for the drones, however. Grand Scourge's handgun can actually fire small plastic BBs via pressure-launch. He also has a teeny little gold-chromed energon chip that fits onto his left shoulder-armor. It's an Autobot-style chip, but oh well.
This kit also comes with "Episode 2" of the "Convoy VS Scourge" mini-comic, printed on the back of the assembly/transformation instructions. (Episode 1 came with the "Grand Convoy" kit.)


  • The "Grand" part of the name comes from Energon Optimus Prime's name in Super Link: "Grand Convoy".
  • Grand Scourge's box Romanizes his faction as "Deathtron" rather than "Destron".
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