Prime-toy GrandCrossArchery

The Grand Cross Archery (グランドクロスアーチェリー Gurando Kurosu Ācherī) is a crossbow type weapon formed from the Arms Microns Optimus Prime Blaster, Bumblebee Sword, and Bulkhead Knuckle. It is one of the many Super Combo Weapons in the Autobot arsenal.



  • Optimus Prime Blaster (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: SP Hard
  • Bumblebee Sword (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: AP Hard
  • Bulkhead Knuckle (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: HP Hard
The Grand Cross Archery is formed from the first 3 Autobot Gacha Arms Microns. Bulkhead Knuckle forms an oversized handle (pun intended), Bumblebee Sword forms the bow and Optimus Prime Blaster forms the barrel.
This weapon can also be formed with the "MX" clear-blue versions of the three toys.


  • All of the information on the Grand Cross Archery, including its very existence, comes from the online "Arms Up Mission" game.
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