Central to what?

Grand Central Space Station is a location in the Generation One continuity family.

Grand Central Space Station is an interstellar space port and stop for travelers in need of rest or repairs. It is also a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and harbors a vast black market in everything from microchips to Antaresean pleasure slaves. A popular drinking spot at Grand Central is the Black Hole Bar and Grill.

Virtually everyone at Grand Central is violently robophobic. They also tend to distrust humans as known robot sympathizers.


Marvel Comics continuity


Tourists at Grand Central Space Station are advised to remember their spacecraft when sightseeing outside the station.

Landmine and Cloudburst, on a mission from Optimus Prime, came to Grand Central to purchase microchips. Their Pretender shells successfully hid their robotic nature. They found the station full of violent bartenders, drunken riff-raff, and double-crossing middlemen. After making a deal with the Mecannibals, they were spotted outside their shells by the aforementioned middlemen, and ended up getting tossed out the airlock. Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having for Dinner?

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