Graham is a human from the live-action film series continuity family.


[SASF Agent] Captain Graham[1] is a member of N.E.S.T. and the British military (22 SAS).


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Actor: Matthew Marsden

Graham was among one of the most senior members in the SAFA and part of Major Lennox's strike team during the Shanghai operation. Graham and Robert Epps led the N.E.S.T troopers onto the Decepticon Demolishor (Movie)'s signal with their EMP detectors before he transformed and started attacking, killing many members of Lennox's team, including one SAFA agent and causing destruction in Shanghai. Nevertheless, N.E.S.T, with the of the Autobots manage to defeat Demolishor. Lennox's team then returned to Diego Garcia to mourn the loss of their fallen comrades. Later, when Simmons calls Lennox, Graham watches from nearby with Theodore Galloway.

Graham travels to Egypt with the rest of NEST and keeps an eye out for Sam Witwicky, shooting off a flare to get his attention and spotted Sam and his group coming and alerted Lennox. Unfortunately, Starscream noticed too and attacked. When the group evaded Starscream, Megatron ordered an attack and Graham counted the Decepticons that had landed around thirteen and reports to Lennox. Graham participated in the battle that follows and holds back Sam's parents when he's temporarily killed by Megatron. Revenge of the Fallen


  • There's no such UK military unit as the "SASF" in the real life. Judging by the colour of, and insignia on, his beret, he is a member of the SAS.
    • What's more, 22 SAS is a regiment in the British Army, so he shouldn't be called "agent". Judging from the three pips on his rankslide seen briefly during the film, he holds the rank of Captain.


I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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